Solvoyo Named a High Performer by G2 in Supply Chain Planning

At Solvoyo, we are delighted to announce that G2, the world’s largest tech marketplace, has honored us with multiple High Performer badges in various categories, including Supply Chain Suites, Supply Chain Planning, Demand Planning, and Enterprise Supply Chain Planning. Additionally, we have been recognized as a Momentum Leader and awarded the EMEA High Performer badge. …

Decision Automation: No-touch Execution of Your Plan With AI

Close the Gap Between Planning and Execution with AI Powered Decision Automation Whether ERP or OMS, TMS or WMS, the execution systems do only what they are told – they follow your instructions. Businesses invest significant time and money in their planning systems. Yet, many need to adjust their plans in Excel hell and then …

Unilever Implements Intelligent DPR for Ice Cream Business​

Unilever, Fortune 100 Global CPG
Leveraged digital transformation and automation to significantly improve planner productivity, reducing manual tasks and freeing up valuable time for strategic planning.
With Solvoyo, Unilever implemented an end-to-end planning process that integrates seamlessly with other supply chain functions, ensuring a holistic and integrated view of the supply chain.

Unilever Presents Its Success Story with Solvoyo at Gartner SC Planning Summit

At the 2023 Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit in London, Unilever’s Head of Supply Chain, Graham Sommer, presented Unilever’s norm-busting end-to-end decision automation case study titled “How technology makes continuous innovation possible.” The focus was on Unilever’s successful collaboration with Solvoyo. This partnership has enabled Unilever to achieve end-to-end supply chain decision automation with minimal …

Felipe Gonzalez – Strategic Advisor

Felipe is a forward-thinking Technologist boasting over three decades of mastery in bridging the retail sector with the frontier of emerging technologies. With a dual lens on the aspirations of startups seeking scalability and the innovation-driven ethos of retailers, Felipe crafts win-win partnerships, offering unparalleled strategic insights.

Solvoyo’s Customer, a Global Automotive Manufacturer, Reduces CO2 Emissions by 88-93%

Per $1 billion in company revenues, no supply chain application has a better return on investment (ROI) than network design! Network design solutions are absolutely necessary to uncover business value when the production-distribution infrastructure is large. A company with one factory and one DC, reorganizing the location and duties of the facilities, will have little …