Line / Range Planning

Solvoyo’s cloud-based line planning solution, with a user-friendly and configurable UI, brings automation to attribute and category analysis and standardizes the planning process for data-driven decision making

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Managing complexity and maintaining profitability

A Line Plan (Range Plan) is a roadmap used for laying out the option counts of a new collection by attributes such as end-use, price band, color group, print type, etc., to ensure alignment between Design, Merchandising, and Sourcing teams.

This is a crucial step for fashion retail where there are constant new product development and collection management. This process is usually managed through sales analysis of the past seasons based on the product attributes such as price bands. However, in fashion products, the analysis gets more complicated due to the numerous available product attributes such as the color group, print type, arm length, neckline, fabric type, etc.

Solvoyo Line Planning solution offers an easier, faster and smarter process by consolidating data, simplifying the analysis and planning steps into one, providing visibility to the planning metrics, reducing manual errors, and rationalizing the decision recommendations.

The cloud-based, user-friendly, configurable solution, brings automation to product and line analysis and standardizes the planning process. Financial metrics combined with product visuals help identify best & worst-performers and provide recommendations on arranging the future collections. Incorporating the competitor price data allows retailers to position themselves in the market accordingly and product attributes.


What can you achieve with
Solvoyo Line Planning Solution?

Customer-focused planning to ensure needs and preferences of different customer segments are met
Automated analysis saves time and focuses the merchants on making strategic decisions

Data analysis and planning in one step so category planners can quickly complete attribute analysis and focus on strategy for the new collections
Flexible planning level at product and location hierarchy
Integrated with PLM and Assortment Planning modules to facilitate easy tracking

Automated Diagnostics identifying areas where there are potential profit
Configurable Reporting UI & Dashboard for supporting your business process needs

reduce stock outs

Improve Data-Driven Decision Making

Improve otif

Improve Efficiency

Case Studies

Pre-season Planning

DeFacto – Multinational Apparel Retailer
End-to-end to digital transformation for integrated budget management and buy planning

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Identify best & worst-performers and determine the sales potential for next season
Create collections to address the needs of different customer segments and meet financial goals

Automatically identify variances across different versions of the plans to reduce or increase budget allocation

Identify where there is the highest return for inventory investments and go after opportunities for maximizing GMROI 

Detect Adapt Strategize
Arrange the future collections for more sales at higher margins based on the market position
Arrange the future collections for more sales at higher margins based on the market position

Analysis and Planning Combined In One Step

Option Counts By Attribute Groups​

Option counts by attribute groups

Attribute performance analysis by style attributes (fabric, color, print type, end-use) or price bands
Recommendations for next year’s collection counts
Planning weekly/monthly flows of new products by channel/location

Visual reports by attribute groups

Visibility to past collection items

Visual Best Seller