Apparel Retailer
Digital Transformation for Pre-Season Planning

23K Active SKUs
23K Active SKUs
450 Stores ​
450 Stores
4 Countries​
4 Countries
8K+ Products​
8K+ Products
3 DCs​
3 DCs


Streamline, standardize and digitize pre-season planning process

Improve speed and efficiency in the planning and leverage advanced analytics in the buying processes

Standardize master data management throughout the product development process

Create the ability to track and reconcile top-down plans with bottom-up buying decisions

Establish visibility and KPI tracking across the organization


Completely manual end-to-end process from concept development through purchasing

Use of a heuristic approach in forecasting rather than a scientific approach

Human errors caused by manual analysis across many spreadsheets

No data integrity, process standardization, or digital collaboration



End-to-end integration in pre-season planning processes

Standardization of master data management, product attributing and tech-pack creation during product development to initial purchase order

Increased collaboration across teams provided by visibility

Planning future products according to attribute-based forecasting, taking into account the stock out and demand zone effects

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Improved gross margin