Say Hi to End-To-End Supply Chain Decision Automation

Part ways with software that requires armies to operate.
Synchronize and automate all decisions from demand to delivery with little to no human touch. If vehicles can go autonomous, so can supply chains!

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Solvoyo No Touch Decision automation Platform
Powered by AI

Using AI and proprietary optimization technology, our cloud-native platform automates inventory, supply, production, fulfillment, and transportation decisions with little to no human touch. We are obsessed about continuously tracking user adoption, and take pride in achieving user acceptance rates of over 90% for our recommendations.

Your dedicated Solvoyo Customer Success team diligently configures our industry-specific templates to meet your requirements in 12 weeks. Complement your existing tech stack or replace it, in a lego-like fashion. Our platform’s flexible back-end, configurable UI and data integration technology ensure your technology investment never becomes obsolete.

autonomous planning in three steps


1. Digital

We create a digital backbone of your organization with a single source of truth that connects with all of your internal and external data sources, and automatically identifies data errors with Data Diagnostics and even fills in missing data using AI.


2. Intelligent

We use AI to extract actionable insights from your data, provide predictive alerts and end to end visibility in a Control Tower. Get to the root causes of stock-outs, excess stock, waste, and low OTIF rates KPI Diagnostics. 


3. Autonomous

Finally, we build your automated decision making platform. You focus on managing exceptions, and we keep track of user overrides to remove obstacles out of the way of autonomous decisions. That’s how you can take action with little or no touch.

AI Powered End-To-End Planning on a Single Platform

No more decision-making in silos! 

Powered by a unified data model, our platform is your one-stop shop for all retail and supply chain planning decisions – strategic, tactical, or operational. Start small, one lego piece at a time then go big. 

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Enabling Resilient Planning
a step ahead of the competition

Cost to Serve Optimization

Solvoyo’s Total Cost to Serve models optimize supply chain plans across multiple objectives,  such as maximizing profit or minimizing carbon footprint. Our engine provides desired trade-off between inventory, handling, storage, and transportation costs vs. service.

12x Productivity with Automation

Solvoyo offers complete decision automation, not just decision support. Our AI-powered, self-learning automation mechanism adapts plans in real-time, responding to changes in upstream and downstream processes, achieving User Acceptance Rates of over 90% for our recommendations. 

Flexible Modular Design

Complement your current technology or start new. Our flexible platform allows you to test any workflow and build from there. Our platform’s configurable UI, back-end, and data integration technology ensures it stays relevant for your business, no matter how your requirements evolve.


You can achieve measurable business results in 3-6 months.
30 %


40 %

Service Level

10 %


70 %



Industry Leaders Drive Their Supply Chain Transformation With Us

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Unilever Presents Its Success Story with Solvoyo at Gartner SC Planning Summit

At the 2023 Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit in London, Unilever’s Head of Supply Chain, Graham Sommer, presented Unilever’s norm-busting end-to-end decision automation case study …

Forbes Solvoyo Customer Reduces CO2

Solvoyo’s Customer, a Global Automotive Manufacturer, Reduces CO2 Emissions by 88-93%

Per $1 billion in company revenues, no supply chain application has a better return on investment (ROI) than network design! Network design solutions are absolutely …

Top Growing Grocer A101 Soars with AWS Partner Solvoyo’s No Touch Planning

A101, Sixth Fastest Growing Retailer
A101 partnered with Solvoyo to optimize inventory management and enhance revenue.
Today, the company is largest grocer in Turkey and one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world, generating billions in annual revenue.



More Sales. Less Cost & Waste.
All with Solvoyo


End-to-end planning and visibility on a single digital platform.


Focus on addressing omnichannel customer needs at a more granular level with digitalization and advanced analytics.


Integrate of all data on a single platform and automate your fresh supply chain decisions.