Consumer Packaged Goods

Embracing technology to meet customer needs and demands


The consumer goods market requires speed and agility in decision-making

Are you able to sense the changes in customer preferences and take proactive actions and use your resources to produce the right products? 

Market dynamics drive consumer behavior in the CPG world, and the competition changes every minute. In a dynamic business environment where your end customers’ demand is influenced by several factors such as weather, pricing, special days, or disruption events, you should be able to adjust your inventory to keep your target service level at the desired rate and see the impact on supply plans immediately.

Solvoyo can help you minimize costs while fulfilling customer demand on time. With automation and advanced analytics, we eliminate repetitive and non-value-added tasks so that you can focus on the continuous improvement of your supply chain.

Our CPG solutions enable you to create a multi-enterprise environment where you can integrate with your customers and suppliers. Real-time collaboration across all stakeholders ensures that the right quantities of products are delivered at the right locations, even during disruptions. 


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Unilever Implements Intelligent DPR for Ice Cream Business​

Unilever, Fortune 100 Global CPG
Leveraged digital transformation and automation to significantly improve planner productivity, reducing manual tasks and freeing up valuable time for strategic planning.
With Solvoyo, Unilever implemented an end-to-end planning process that integrates seamlessly with other supply chain functions, ensuring a holistic and integrated view of the supply chain.

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Unilever Automates Demand Planning with Solvoyo

Unilever, Fortune 100 Global CPG
Consolidated demand planning efforts into a single, centralized platform, eliminating silos and ensuring consistency across the organization. With Solvoyo Platform, Unilever gained real-time insights into demand trends, enabling faster and more informed decision-making.

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Context aware synchronized planning

Our platform ensures that each facet of your operations – demand, inventory, supply, and transportation – is fully informed. Every function understands the context, assumptions, objectives, and constraints, enabling efficient collaboration and optimization.

Solvoyo can model complex scenarios, including warehousing constraints that impact inventory, production, fulfillment, and transportation plans simultaneously. We go beyond traditional, rule-based software to deliver truly optimal results.

Solvoyo’s true value lies in its high-quality recommendations, delivering precise forecasts and instantly executable supply and transportation plans. 


End-to-end decision automation with AI

Solvoyo’s process automation grants planners and managers complete visibility across the entire workflow, even beyond their domain. With full transparency, every step becomes accessible and controllable.

Our AI-powered automation mechanism adapts plans in real-time, responding to changes in upstream and downstream processes. For instance, demand plan adjustments immediately impact inventory, supply, and transportation decisions.

Solvoyo’s self-learning AI algorithms enhance recommendation quality, resulting in easily executable plans that reduce the need for human intervention. Experience remarkable user acceptance rates (UARs) exceeding 90%.

All of this results in planner efficiencies 8 to 12 times higher than industry norms.

Use of Total Cost to Serve to generate optimal results

Solvoyo’s Total Cost to Serve (TCTS) approach optimizes across multiple objectives, finding the perfect balance between minimizing inventory costs, handling, storage, and transportation expenses, all while meeting service level targets.

With TCTS, you can make decisions about frequent shipments and the use of LTL (less-than-truckload) based on order priorities and timeliness, ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective approach to planning.

Whether it’s adjusting inventory, safety stock, or supply plans in response to demand changes, TCTS determines the best course of action.

Native Configurable Technology & Agility

Solvoyo’s adaptable UI technology empowers you to configure solutions quickly, keeping pace with your business needs.

Our optimization and AI-based models are easily accessible, providing transparency and control.

With a unified data model and a layered architecture, Solvoyo’s global team of dedicated engineers can swiftly deliver new capabilities to keep you ahead of the competition.

Partnership model that promotes continuous innovation

Our partnership model thrives on continuous innovation. Process automation has reshaped the way we operate. UL recognized this as an opportunity to collaborate and drive innovation throughout the supply chain.

We maintain our connection through SteerCo meetings, even beyond the go-live phase. This ongoing collaboration allows us to share insights and tap into Solvoyo’s wealth of experience with other CPG companies.


Solvoyo Planning and Analytics Platform for CPG

Ready to discover how you can digitize your supply network by integrating enterprise data with external resources from vendors to customers and spend more time making decisions and less time analyzing data? We’ll do the data crunching so you can focus on the fun part! Our configurable and agile solutions will evolve with your business needs. You can pick and choose your solutions from our lego-like platform with the assurance that your workflows will be integrated as you advance through your digital transformation journey.

Solvoyo Differentiators

Keep your competitive edge with next generation
planning and analytics capabilities

Aligning Decisions Across Functions

Aligning Decisions across Functions

Missing opportunities due to siloed planning? With Solvoyo, achieve multiple goals simultaneously such as reducing working capital and transportation costs while improving fulfillment rates all at the same time
Agility And Scalability

Agility and Scalability

Is your planning system not keeping up with the changes in your business environment? We strive to evolve and adapt to your realities. The platform will expand to your needs, both in terms of workflows and hardware requirements
Supply Chain Automation

Supply Chain Automation

Looking to streamline and speed up the process of planning and execution? We convert complex decisions into simple ones and automate your daily operational decisions
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Single Version Of Truth

Single Version of Truth

Slowed down by inconsistent data and disconnected systems? The single data model means easier, flexible, and secure integration of your data. Reduce processing time and operating costs. With Solvoyo, develop your supply chain strategy and execute it on the same platform. All your data and planning system of records are integrated
Adaptive Algorithms

Adaptive Algorithms

Finding yourself constantly having to tweak the models? With Solvoyo, utilize advanced analytics and machine learning to make your forecasting and inventory optimization models robust and adaptive

User Adoption Tracking

User Adoption Tracking

Solvoyo’s solution is a living platform that monitors the way users are interacting with diagnostics and recommendations

Cloud Based SaaS

Cloud Based SaaS

Concerned about IT resources and hardware costs? Solvoyo’s scalable cloud infrastructure is offered as a SaaS platform. Hardware, software, maintenance, and support costs are all included in a single monthly fee

Flexible, Configurable UI

Flexible, Configurable UI

Having difficulty using your planning platform? Make life easier for your planners so they can take faster actions. Solvoyo’s configurable UI combines user-friendly dashboards, diagnostic alerts, and operational screens in simple workflows