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Promotion Planning

Improve the effectiveness of Retail promotions, through deeper analysis of customer response to your offers and find the best way to entice your customers while maintaining healthy margins.

Retail Promotion Planning process involves understanding the impacts of the past promotional offers and vehicles along with the halo and cannibalization effects across products and evaluating different scenarios for future promotions to find the most effective offering for the business.

In today’s highly dynamic and competitive retail environment, staying competitive requires agility and being able to monitor customer’s feedback in real-time and change course accordingly while maintaining healthy margins. The room for error is shrinking fast, and shoppers are being bombarded with many offers every day. Retailers need more dynamic solutions for evaluating, planning and executing promotions.

Promotion Planning Powered by Advanced Analytics

Promotion Planning enables the retailers to find the most effective combination of products, vehicles, offers, and channels through advanced analytics and easy to use user interface and combines descriptive, diagnostic and predictive capabilities in one solution including:

  • Market Basket Analysis where you can track the impact of the productions on key KPIs at the transaction level through POS data analysis
  • Campaign Planning where you can compare the demand forecasts and financials associated with different vehicle and offer types
  • Promotion Dashboard where you get real-time visibility into the performance of ongoing promotions, compare to plans, identify best performers in terms of products and sales channels and get alerts and exception reporting
  • Campaign Calendar where you can visually keep track of all different types of offers in effect
  • Price elasticity and customer-response modeling empowered by machine learning
  • Closed-loop planning where planned markdowns are taken into account consideration when evaluating the impacts of the promotions

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Our platform concurrently plans and optimizes orders, inventory, and transportation in a holistic approach that’s far more effective than attempting to optimize each discretely. Solvoyo provides its solutions in one model across strategic, tactical, and operational time horizons.

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