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Decision Automation

Decision Automation: No-touch Execution of Your Plan With AI

Close the Gap Between Planning and Execution with AI Powered Decision Automation Whether ERP or OMS, TMS or WMS, the …

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Markdown Optimization

Markdown Optimization

Markdown optimization is the application of optimizing of reduction in the selling price by recommending the best timing and depth of markdowns taking into account each product’s shelf-life, stock levels, current pricing, lifecycle, and seasonality trends for the purpose of decreasing the excess inventory.

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Selecting a Supply Chain Planning Platform

Defining Business Needs Supply chain planning used to be a lot easier, but with today’s world of global sourcing and …

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Optimize Your Omnichannel Fulfillment!

To compete with the massive online retailers, traditional retailers must be able to fulfill demand when and where it exists. …

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Master Big Data for Best-in-Class Retail

It used to be so easy! Your customers came into your store, purchased what they needed, and went home. Enter …

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Top 5 Digital Supply Chain Challenges for CPG

Decision-making at the Speed of Business The commerce is global and regional at the same time, the world is getting …

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Starting a Digital

Starting a Digital Supply Chain Journey

See How Solvoyo Leaves the Competition in the Dust! Solvoyo’s comprehensive digital supply chain planning and optimization platform is head-and-shoulders …

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Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics for Wholesalers and Distributors

Industry Challenge In the US, the wholesale industry traded $5.4 trillion in 2015, almost twice the size of the retail …

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Store Clustering

Approaches to Retail Store Clustering

“Getting Closer to the Customer” has been one of the top priorities for retailers in the last few years. What …

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