Starting a Digital Supply Chain Journey

See How Solvoyo Leaves the Competition in the Dust!

Solvoyo’s comprehensive digital supply chain planning and optimization platform is head-and-shoulders above other platforms out there, including the best-known industry leaders. That’s because our approach and advanced mathematics blur the line between planning and execution – with the result of measurably better business results.

  • Solvoyo offers advanced forecasting, inventory optimization and fully automated transportation planning capabilities that others lack
  • We provide concurrent optimization capability – the ability to simultaneously optimize interrelated supply chain functions and create coordinated plans such as Prioritized Fulfillment and Transportation, Production and Distribution; Supply Chain Network Design and Strategic Inventory Deployment; Procurement and Inbound Transportation that even the best-of-breed software companies cannot deliver
  • In a single platform, Solvoyo allows you to make strategic/tactical decisions and put those decisions into operation with automated daily planning. Solvoyo provides plans at such a high level of detail that the action gap between planning and execution is blurred; we call it Closed-Loop Operational Management
  • The digital supply chain platform is modular, and you pay only for the features you use
  • The digital supply chain platform allows you to plan on all three time horizons: strategic, tactical and operational
  • Solvoyo is a fully integrated SaaS platform

Solvoyo Planning and Analytics

Markdown Optimization

Opportunity to Maximize Margins in the Fluid World of Fashion Retail What is Markdown Optimization? Markdown optimization is the application of optimizing of reduction in

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