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Supply Chain Analytics & Visibility

Supply chains are getting faster and so should the analytics capabilities supporting decision-making. Solvoyo analytics platform delivers automated diagnostics so that planners can quickly focus on the burning issues and predictive capabilities to drive faster decision-making.

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What Can You Achieve With Solvoyo's Analytics & Visibility Solution?

1. Turn insights into actions

Supply chain analytics at its essence is about transforming big data from multiple internal and external sources into insights for making better planning decisions. Solvoyo uses advanced analytics and machine learning to data from internal and external sources as well as IoT to integrate (i) Descriptive, (ii) Diagnostic, (iii) Predictive, and (iv) Prescriptive capabilities to empower supply chain managers to make better supply chain decisions.

Demand planning is both art and science. Until Solvoyo entered our lives I think we managed it as too much of an art relying on our individual intuition backed up by the primitive science of 30 versions of the same spreadsheet. Now all that is gone plus I feel we’re finally in a position to make real-time decisions fed by all sorts of data

Demand Planner
Fortune 100 Consumer Products Company

2. Unlock automated diagnostics

Solvoyo supply chain analytics platform not only includes advanced science for predictive modeling, scenario analysis, machine learning and optimization but also includes user-friendly UI with configurable dashboard capabilities with advanced query, reporting, automated alerts and diagnostics capabilities. It is not a black box but rather an interactive platform for quick insights and timely management decision making for supply chain decisions.

3. Gain an end-to-end visibility to your supply chain

Using our platform, you can get a clear view of your end-to-end supply chain with actionable information to plan and orchestrate your supply chain. Solvoyo provides you a unifying platform for all your demand and supply data and extends visibility into your logistics and supplier network as well. From the latest clicks or page views count of your digital store-front to your in-transit inventory; Solvoyo provides data and metrics giving real-time visibility into your end-to-end supply chain.

4. Gain a visibility to cross-functional KPIs

The Solvoyo platform also includes an advanced cross functional key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard that provides a visual cockpit to monitor and log your supply chain performance. What gets monitored and measured also gets improved with the Solvoyo platform. Key KPIs such as service levels and stock outs are measured with full visibility to drivers impacting these metrics such as Demand Variability and Forecast Bias, DC fulfilment rates, DC stock availability and Vendor OTIF rates so planners can quickly see opportunities for improvement.

Improved Business Outcomes

Using our Supply Chain Analytics & Visibility platform, our customers experience immediate and measurable business value with us and have typically seen powerful results in 3-6 months.

  • Drive insights from big-data employing advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Improve predictive capabilities via advanced forecasting tools to generate detailed demand curves and net inventory requirements
  • Take proactive actions with predictive analyses and prescriptive recommendations on impending stock-outs, excess or misaligned inventory distribution
  • Reduce manual work and speed up response time with automated diagnostics so supply chain teams can focus on the highest priority supply chain issues
  • Improve informed decision-making by quickly evaluating multiple what-if scenarios and get answers to complex supply chain questions
  • Democratize data through automation of the collection, validation and sharing of standard or ad-hoc reports within a collaborative environment
Inventory Reduction
On-Time Fulfillment & Availability Increase

4 Step End-to-End Analytics Journey

Solvoyo combines the best of supply chain planning and supply chain analytics into one integrated platform. The Solvoyo Elevation Platform harnesses the power of big data analytics to drive insights to make smarter supply chain planning decisions with a comprehensive view of your complex supply chain.

CPG Example

Step 1: Descriptive

"What Happened?"

Includes KPI tracking and internal reporting metrics based on advanced analytics such as stock covers, lost sales, and fulfilment rates and provides the baseline analytics foundation.

Step 2: Diagnostic

"Why Did It Happen?"

Automated diagnostics brings speed and efficiency to daily operations by identifying the root-cause of stock-outs or declining service levels. Are these due to demand variability, forecast bias, lead time variance or supplier performance? Solvoyo connects the dots so that planners can focus on addressing the problems.

Step 3: Predictive

"What Will Happen?"

Using forecasting techniques and machine learning technology leveraging event libraries and external data to predict likelihood of stock outs, potential lost sales, over-stock situations or missing sales targets enables planning teams to take proactive measures.  With Solvoyo’s what-if capabilities planners can also evaluate different scenarios to make informed decisions.

Step 4: Prescriptive

"How Can We Make It Happen?"

Aligning supply chain plans to business objectives is now possible by prescriptive capabilities giving the planners specific actions to make it happen.  Automated recommendations driven by machine learning to optimize optimal quantity and timing of supplier purchase orders and/or production work orders enable supply chain organizations to become more agile and action-oriented.


Retail Example

Step 1: Descriptive

"What Happened?"

Step 2: Diagnostic

"Why Did It Happen?"

Step 3: Predictive

"What Will Happen?"

Step 4: Prescriptive

"How Can We Make It Happen?"

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