Supply Chain
Analytics & Visibility

Supply chains are getting faster and so should the analytics capabilities supporting decision-making. Solvoyo analytics platform delivers automated diagnostics so that planners can quickly focus on the burning issues and predictive capabilities to drive faster decision-making.

Be a leader, not a follower

With Solvoyo Supply Chain Analytics & Visibility, you can improve informed decision-making by quickly evaluating multiple what-if scenarios and get answers to complex supply chain questions. While competitors will be spending time planning their operations, you will have reduced manual work and sped up response time with automated diagnostics. Your supply chain teams can focus on the highest priority supply chain issue and drive insights from big-data employing advanced analytics and machine learning.

“As intriguing as the benefits this e-commerce retailer achieved from
the planning solution is the ongoing journey they are on to leverage
artificial intelligence to deliver even greater competitive

Steve Banker
Steve Banker,
Vice President of Supply Chain Services, Forbes

“With Solvoyo, we eliminated spreadsheets from the process and simultaneously
increased process speed and planner efficiency across all regions.”

Srinivas Reddy
Srinivas Reddy,
VP, Global Product Supply, P&G Grooming

“With Solvoyo, we have consolidated our depots in North America leading to significant infrastructure cost savings as well as a sustained
inventory reduction of $5 Million.“

Cassio Conceicao
Cassio Conceicao,
VP, Global Services, Applied Materials

“Solvoyo has been a very effective solution partner in our fast growth and digital transformation journey. Using Solvoyo’s platform for fashion planning solutions,
we were able to bring automation to buy planning and
size optimization decisions.”

Roberto Marchese
Roberto Marchese,
Chief Marketing Officer, Penti

“With Solvoyo’s optimized plans and user-friendly UIs, not only do we make easy and smart decisions but also respond to any rapid change at the
speed of the market.”

Supply Planner
Supply Planner,
Fortune 100 Consumer Products Company

“With a network of 9800 stores, supply chain disruptions and uncertainty are normal for us, we keep opening hundreds of new stores and
multiple DCs every year. With advanced analytics and automation,
we planned for this level of complexity way ahead of our competitors.”

Erkan Ceritoglu
Erkan Ceritoglu,
Managing Director, A101

What can you achieve with Solvoyo Supply
Chain Analytics & Visibility Solution?

Supply chain analytics, at its essence, is about transforming big data from multiple internal and external sources into insights for making better planning decisions. Solvoyo uses advanced analytics and machine learning to data from internal and external sources as well as IoT to integrate
(i) Descriptive,
(ii) Diagnostic,
(iii) Predictive, and
(iv) Prescriptive capabilities to empower supply chain managers to make better supply chain decisions.

Solvoyo supply chain analytics platform not only includes advanced science for predictive modeling, scenario analysis, machine learning and optimization but also includes user-friendly UI with configurable dashboard capabilities with advanced query, reporting, automated alerts and diagnostics capabilities. It is not a black box but rather an interactive platform for quick insights and timely management decision making for supply chain decisions.

Using our platform, you can get a clear view of your end-to-end supply chain with actionable information to plan and orchestrate your supply chain. Solvoyo provides you a unifying platform for all your demand and supply data and extends visibility into your logistics and supplier network as well. From the latest clicks or page views count of your digital store-front to your in-transit inventory; Solvoyo provides data and metrics giving real-time visibility into your end-to-end supply chain.

The Solvoyo platform also includes an advanced cross functional key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard that provides a visual cockpit to monitor and log your supply chain performance. What gets monitored and measured also gets improved with the Solvoyo platform. Key KPIs such as service levels and stock outs are measured with full visibility to drivers impacting these metrics such as Demand Variability and Forecast Bias, DC fulfilment rates, DC stock availability and Vendor OTIF rates so planners can quickly see opportunities for improvement.

Improve Planner Productivity

Improve Agility

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Fortune 100 Global CPG

End-to-End Autonomous Planning & Analytics
Managing all their supply chain planning data on a single platform, they achieved real-time visibility & agility for faster decision-making

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Hepsiburada – E-Commerce Retailer

Digital Transformation for Forecasting, Inventory Optimization and Procurement
Hepsiburada automated their approach to detect slow moving inventory and optimize price actions to meet budget targets

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Automatic diagnostics help you act faster: Our cloud engine detects significant changes in demand, supply, lead times, OTIF rates, and our user-friendly dashboards provide real-time visibility to issues
Our platform provides a Digital Twin for your supply chain and supports what-if analysis for evaluating different options for supplier networks, manufacturing sites, or delivery schedules
Automatic diagnostics help you act faster and our user-friendly dashboards provide real-time visibility to issues. Forecasts, safety stocks, replenishment recommendations are automatically adjusted with ML and advanced analytics
Detect Adapt Strategize Optimize
Our platform provides a Digital Twin for your supply chain Our platform automates decision-making by providing prescriptive actions
ML and advanced analytics in action: Forecasts, safety stocks, replenishment recommendations are automatically adjusted in light of changing demand and operational constraints so your teams can focus on strategizing
Our platform automates decision-making by providing prescriptive actions such as replenishment plans, production schedules, and pricing actions in response to current conditions

Solvoyo Analytics & Visibility UI

Visibility to KPIs &
Exceptions for CPG

The dashboard allows KPI tracking and shows internal reporting metrics based on advanced analytics such as stock covers lost sales and fulfillment rates and provides the baseline analytics foundation.

Understanding Reasons
For KPI Levels & Exceptions

Automated diagnostics brings speed and efficiency to daily operations by identifying the root-cause of stock-outs or declining service levels. Are these due to demand variability, forecast bias, lead time variance, or supplier performance? Solvoyo connects the dots so that planners can focus on addressing the problems.

Using Demand-Drivers
for Forecasting Demand

Using forecasting techniques and machine learning technology leveraging event libraries and external data to predict the likelihood of stock-outs, potential lost sales, over-stock situations, or missing sales targets enables planning teams to take proactive measures. With Solvoyo’s what-if capabilities, planners can also evaluate different scenarios to make informed decisions.

KPI Tracking for Retailers

Solvoyo platform gives you visibility to supply chain KPIs such as availability, lost sales, waste, and supplier performance and helps you identify issues in a visual format.

Forecast Issues

Solvoyo platform provides visibility to products or locations where there is a high forecast error.

Monitoring Lost Sales

Solvoyo analytics platform provides lost sales estimations in case of out-of-stock situations. You can quickly review the locations and products and compare them to recent trends.