E-Commerce Retailer
Digital Transformation for Forecasting, Inventory Optimization and Procurement

2M+ SKUs
30 Categories
50M+ Monthly Visitors
$1B Annual Revenue


Digitize operational decisions to manage millions of SKUs in the portfolio and improve efficiency and agility

Bring advanced analytics to tactical decisions related to portfolio management

Create portfolio management support to help inventory investment strategies

Establish a corporate memory for managing procurement


Existing forecasts only using historical sales data, not addressing other factors such as site visits, and price changes

Massive SKU portfolio creating heavy workload with manual planning in spreadsheets, limiting scalability and agility

Inventory mix and procurement decisions managed by human intuition resulting in lost sales and high-inventory


Delivered demand-driven-replenishment planning with integrated forecasting, inventory optimization, and automated procurement recommendations

Enhanced forecasting capabilities by leveraging additional data including web searches, click rates, and conversion

Provided predictive analytics for the massive number of promotions

Standardized KPI tracking and reporting commonality across all categories and provided a single source of through for supply chain planning

Automated purchase order through ERP integration to improve efficiency and reduce human error

300% increase in Stocked SKU

0 %
Reduction in stock-outs
0 %
Reduction in inventory quantity per SKU