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End-to-End Planning Platform
for Your Supply Chain

The Solvoyo Digital Platform revolutionizes supply chain planning and execution support with its comprehensive suite of capabilities. The platform encompasses essential features such as diagnostics, automated forecasts, predictive alerts, actionable insights, and highly accurate plans for demand, inventory, production, supply, fulfillment, and transportation all on a unified platform to enable seamless coordination across various business functions, and optimizing your supply chain operations.

We also adopt an “exception-based planning” paradigm and value decision automation to streamline processes and increase operational efficiency. Solvoyo platform ensures that you have the insights and capabilities necessary to drive success and stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of supply chain management. We aim to provide actionable recommendations of unparalleled fidelity and quality, leading you toward a fully autonomous supply chain where operations run efficiently and effectively without external interventions. 

For our clients, the future of supply chain planning is already here!

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring a fast, smooth, and efficient onboarding experience. Our commitment to your success doesn’t stop there. We maintain an ongoing partnership with you to continually add value to your operations. Keep your competitive advantage by effectively scaling your business while operating at the speed of the industry, achieving higher levels of efficiency and sustainability.

 Here’s the secret sauce behind Solvoyo Digital Platform.

Unified Data Model

Whether you aim to address functional gaps in your supply chain planning and execution support processes or upgrade outdated technology, Solvoyo has you covered. Solvoyo Digital Platform leverages a unified data model that encompasses all supply chain functions, providing a cohesive and comprehensive view of your operations. Through seamless integration of data from diverse sources, including internal (your own supply chain), external (vendors, channels, customers, IoT sources, weather), and third-party (3PL, 3PM, fulfillment houses), we deliver a holistic perspective that maintains internal consistency throughout the supply chain. With Solvoyo, you can gain a unified and synchronized understanding of your supply chain, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

Integration to Data sources

Solvoyo Digital Platform uses the state-of-the-art technology to provide seamless integration capabilities to integrate with a variety of data sources over different protocols and formats. Solvoyo develops and maintains a set of plug-in type integration modules residing over its integration framework. These plugins support RestAPI, WebService, or SFTP connections and make use of a variety of formats such as JSON, XML, EDIs, Excel, and text. Solvoyo platform connects to ERP systems, Cloud environments, Database Servers, API endpoints, and middlewares such as Dell Boomi or MuleSoft with ease. 

Native Support for

Database Servers

ERP Systems

Cloud Environments

Unstructed Data

Dell Boomi, MuleSoft


Data Diagnostics and Correction

Maintaining data integrity and internal consistency is the core functionality of our digital platform. We recognize the criticality of accurate and reliable data in driving effective analytics and decision-making processes, as the saying goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” To guarantee the utmost accuracy and internal consistency of both incoming and outgoing data, Solvoyo platform employs advanced diagnostics and correction mechanisms. This commitment to data quality establishes a robust foundation for generating reliable reports, conducting predictive analytics, and making informed decisions in your supply chain planning endeavors.

Planning System of Record

If your source systems lack the necessary capability, Solvoyo can seamlessly assume the role of the planning system of record. This allows us to provide you with comprehensive functionality, including the ability to maintain essential planning parameters such as service level targets, skill matrix, replenishment frequency by lane, transportation rules by sector or country, fulfillment rules, shelf-life, and more. Additionally, Solvoyo empowers you to manage key master data extensions such as substitutability chains, alternate materials, purchase price breaks, alternate product or channel hierarchies, and other critical data elements. With Solvoyo, you can rely on a robust planning system that covers all your essential requirements, even in the absence of adequate capabilities in your source systems.


Predictive and Prescriptive Capabilities
Guiding Future Success

Solvoyo harnesses the power of advanced statistics and machine learning (ML) to provide templatized capabilities for demand forecasting and predictive alerts that are specifically designed to optimize these processes.

Solvoyo Digital Platform employs advanced pre-processing techniques on historical sales data, bolstered by event data encompassing elements like promotion history, price changes, distribution changes, weather conditions, holidays, and special events. This meticulous pre-processing enables us to dissect historical patterns and precisely quantify their impact on historical demand using machine learning (ML). As a result, the accuracy and reliability of our historically-based forecasts are significantly enhanced.

Additionally, the platform’s post-processing capabilities incorporate known and quantified effects such as promotions and supply constraints to generate a reliable base forecast. Furthermore, the Solvoyo Digital Platform offers demand sensing capabilities, employing short-term signals such as POS data, competitor activities, and weather for predictive alerts to take immediate action

The Solvoyo Digital Platform offers a suite of capabilities including demand collaboration, ML-supported inventory optimization, S&OP for supply-demand reconciliation with multi-functional collaboration, production planning with an in-memory engine, replenishment/fulfillment/allocation based on prioritized rules and multiple objectives, transportation routing and scheduling, and Strategic Network Design for aligning supply chain infrastructure such as production-distribution network or supply-delivery network with customer requirements and business strategy to perform end-to-end trade-off analysis using Total Cost to Serve.

Corporate Memory
Maintain a Comprehensive Record

The Solvoyo Digital Platform serves as a comprehensive corporate memory for your end-to-end supply chain planning by diligently capturing and storing all user-initiated changes to platforms predictive analytics, exceptions, alerts, and prescriptive recommendations. By retaining this valuable information, the Solvoyo Digital Platform generates high-fidelity data that fuels its machine learning (ML) algorithms to enable a deep understanding of the decision-making process and provides transparency in the planning activities.

This data not only measures the accuracy and bias of the results but also evaluates the value contributed by the planners. Additionally, the platform tracks page usage by individual users, offering insights into their engagement and enabling targeted improvements. This detailed set of change logs facilitates continuous improvement efforts and fosters a culture of learning within both organizations. By leveraging this wealth of information, you can drive enhancements, refine strategies, and optimize your supply chain planning processes to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness.


Configurable UI and Workflow Engine
Tailored to Your Needs

At Solvoyo, we recognize that each business operates with its own distinct set of processes. The Solvoyo Digital Platform features a configurable user interface (CUI) along with our proprietary workflow engine. This powerful combination empowers us to adapt templatized processes according to your unique requirements to allow a seamless and intuitive user experience. The platform offers ready-to-use sector-specific analytics templates to provide  consistency with your existing processes.

The platform’s ready-to-use sector-specific analytics templates tailored to different sectors. These templates encompass essential components such as data diagnostics, exceptions/alerts, and key performance indicators (KPIs). Moreover, they can be easily configured to align with your preferred terminology and visual style to increase adoption and meet the unique needs of your organization. This level of flexibility and customization allows you to streamline processes and maximize efficiency, all within an environment that feels familiar and aligned with your specific business needs.

Automation for Operations
Path to Autonomous Supply Chains

The Solvoyo Digital Platform’s highly advanced Job Scheduler offers exceptional capabilities for end-to-end automation. The Job Scheduler acts as a central orchestrator, streamlining complex workflows and ensuring the smooth execution of tasks across different components of the platform. 

The flexibility and versatility of this robust system empower us to automate various critical tasks, including data exchange, data diagnostics, report generation, alert generation, KPI calculations, scenario generation and even triggers to initiate execution within your ERP system. Routine and time-consuming activities can be seamlessly and fully automated to specific needs and operational requirements of your organization. 

By leveraging the capabilities of the Job Scheduler within the Solvoyo Digital Platform, you can unlock the potential of end-to-end automation, optimize your resource allocation, and achieve higher levels of operational excellence. This allows your team to focus on strategic initiatives and value-added activities, driving continuous improvement and fostering strong relationships with your business partners.

Use of Mathematical Optimization & AI

At Solvoyo, we harness the immense power of Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP) with exceptional efficiency and expertise. Our team leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques for both pre- and post-processing of predictive and prescriptive functions to significantly enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our algorithms.

Solvoyo Digital Platform’s optimization engine, supported by in-memory capabilities, utilizes industry-leading solvers such as CPLEX, GUROBI, and reputable open-source alternatives, and runs on robust Cloud machines equipped with parallel processing capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Solvoyo’s cloud-native architecture is built for scalability and flexibility to enable us to deploy computational resources on demand, provision additional capacity when necessary, balance workloads, auto-scale the application, and continuously monitor the health of our platform.

While the underlying technology may not be directly visible to end-users, it plays a crucial role in optimizing our utilization of cloud infrastructure. This, in turn, translates into cost-efficient solutions for our clients, as we provide the necessary storage and computational capabilities at the lowest possible cost. With Solvoyo’s strong expertise in MILP, AI, ML, and advanced optimization technologies, combined with scalable and cost-effective cloud infrastructure, Solvoyo platform delivers powerful and efficient supply chain solutions that meet the unique needs of your organization.

model multiple objectives with Goal Programming

Solvoyo’s optimization engine is designed to meet the complex and ever-changing demands of supply chain management. With pre-built functionality, it allows you to model multiple objectives and prioritize them using Goal Programming techniques. For example, you can maximize throughput as the primary objective and then allow a 5% deviation from the objective value to minimize costs.

The engine incorporates all relevant supply chain constraints to ensure realistic and accurate results. This includes constraints related to resource capacities, space limitations, financial considerations, production capabilities, and transportation logistics.

Solvoyo’s modeling platform offers pre-built functionality to model Total Cost to Serve at the desired level of detail. This allows you to assess the comprehensive cost implications of your supply chain decisions, enabling informed decision-making and optimization.

By leveraging these advanced capabilities, Solvoyo empowers you to effectively balance multiple objectives, consider various constraints, and optimize your supply chain operations based on Total Cost to Serve analysis at the detail you require.

Solvoyo Digital Platform also offers the following capabilities to enhance your supply chain management

  • Geo-data infrastructure and geo-coding by employing a digital world map to model material movement and calculate precise distances and times.
  • Scenario planning by managing multiple scenarios with unmatched flexibility. Create scenarios with a single click, run them in batch mode, and compare results side-by-side using built-in reports, maps, and graphs.

AI & ML Models

The Solvoyo platform’s analytical engines are equipped with cutting-edge capabilities in advanced statistics and AI/ML. Our diverse toolkit includes powerful techniques such as XGBoost, Supervised/Unsupervised Learning, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Hierarchical Clustering, GMDH, Non-linear Regression, and Natural Language Processing. Each of these methodologies has been successfully deployed at our clients, with demonstrable use cases highlighting their effectiveness. In our continuous pursuit of innovation, we have recently embarked on an exciting initiative to incorporate Generative AI into our Exceptions/Alerts analytics. This state-of-the-art technology enables us to leverage natural language processing and generate meaningful insights and recommendations for exceptional scenarios.

With this comprehensive suite of advanced analytical capabilities, Solvoyo empowers businesses to gain deeper insights, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their supply chain operations. By utilizing the power of advanced statistics, AI/ML, and generative AI, we enable our clients to unlock new opportunities and drive continuous improvement in their supply chain management.

UAR Measurement
Ensure Progress toward an Autonomous Supply Chain

At Solvoyo, we believe that the ultimate arbiter of autonomous supply chain planning is a key process metric called User Acceptance Rates (UAR). We define UAR as the percent of our prescriptive recommendations (e.g., how much safety stock to keep, how much and when to replenish, how many and when and where to produce, how many and when and from whom to purchase, who gets shorted in allocating scarce resources, which transport mode to use and how to load the transportation asset and which route it should take, etc.) that get executed without any change on what, when, how much and where. By focusing on the UAR and the change reasons, we guarantee continuous improvement of the processes, ensure the highest level of performance, and support your progress on your digital journey from manual to exception-based to autonomous supply chain planning.

Transform Your Supply Chain Planning with

Solvoyo’s Digital Platform offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities designed to transform your supply chain planning. With its single data model, predictive and prescriptive models, configurable UI, and workflow engine, along with automation and advanced optimization techniques, our platform empowers your organization to make informed decisions, streamline operations, and achieve supply chain excellence. Trust in Solvoyo to revolutionize your supply chain planning and drive long-term success.

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