World’s 5th Fastest-Growing Retailer
Demand-driven Replenishment, DC Purchasing

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2K+ Active SKUs
100+ Stores
1 DC
$4.2B Revenue
50 DCs


Combine disintegrated DC purchasing process on a simple, user-friendly platform to enhance efficiency and control inventory investments

Automate manual replenishment process and procurement planning on the same platform through AI/ML technologies


Manual replenishment and PO process responding to store orders

Need for a scalable and adaptive platform to keep up with 1,000 new store openings every year

Lack of end-to-end tracking and real-time visibility of supply chain KPIs

People dependent DC purchasing process with limited control over working capital


Near autonomous decision-making process: %99.5 user acceptance rate of daily store replenishment recommendations

70% acceptance of DC purchasing recommendations

Inventory reduction by 18%

Automated diagnostics for faster root-cause analysis

0 %
Reduction in stock-outs