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Supply Planning

Create AI-driven supply plans in order to profitably meet all projected demand. Elevate customer satisfaction by turning strategic plans into operational excellence.

2. Automate regular purchasing

Whether for direct or indirect purchases, the Solvoyo platform will take you very far towards autonomous purchase order management:

  • Calculate daily & weekly net PO requirements and recommend POs that satisfy vendor constraints such as minimum buys, batch sizes, and transportation preferences
  • Automatically consolidate multi-location POs for purchasing efficiency
  • Automatically load POs into the purchasing system after cross-checking the business rules, pricing policies, and authorizations
  • Provide a traceable log mechanism to override PO recommendations
  • Automatically create and report supply plan exceptions

3. Collaborate with suppliers through process simplification, automation, and full visibility of the purchase order cycle

Solvoyo enables a digital planning and collaboration platform with which any retailer or manufacturer can collaborate with its key suppliers:

  • order products using industry-standard digital formats (e.g., EDI, API, XML)
  • receive digital updates on order status
  • get rid of email or Excel as the primary communication method
  • provide a logging mechanism to track planner actions and
  • create institutional memory to evaluate supplier performance.

4. Configure and automate a profitable Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program

Solvoyo believes in mutually beneficial customer-supplier relationships. To that end, Solvoyo platform can be used for automating a VMI planning process:

  • Automated data exchange and collaboration capabilities
  • Automated forecast generation and replenishment calculations
  • Exception-based planning in which the VMI plan is filtered through business rules

Most VMI programs fail due to insufficient attention to VMI operating parameters that guide the contract terms:

  • Secure data exchange mechanism (e.g., EDI, API, XML, DB-to-DB)
  • Product ownership, insurance and payment terms (e.g., upon sale, periodic)
  • Collaboration type (e.g., requires approval, fully autonomous replenishment)
  • KPIs to measure success (e.g., inventory investment, supplier performance)

Solvoyo platform also allows you to evaluate the contract terms through quantitative models and come up with a mutually beneficial VMI program.

5. Automate interfacility distribution planning and replenishment across your network

  • Calculate daily & weekly net replenishment requirements and recommend prioritized distribution actions that satisfy vendor constraints such as batch sizes and transportation preferences
  • Automatically generate an efficient multi-location distribution plan
  • Automatically create replenishment orders into the ERP after cross-checking the business rules and authorizations
  • Provide a traceable log mechanism to override replenishment recommendations or the distribution plan
  • Automatically create and report supply plan exceptions
  • Tie inbound transportation and purchasing actions to manufacturing plans 

6. Evaluate and execute strategic and tactical buys

Whatever the industry vertical, in addition to managing day-to-day replenishment buys, the purchasing and procurement functions contribute to a company’s profitability with strategic and tactical buys. Solvoyo’s platform will allow you to manage strategic and tactical buys and evaluate the Total Cost and Service consequences of your choices:

  • Strategic buys to execute a competitive move
  • Tactical buys due to quantity discounts
  • Tactical one-time buys for promotion support 
  • Spot buys due to unusual supplier discounts

7. Perform what-if analyses on strategic sourcing and outsourcing options

Today’s highly competitive world provides many options for strategic sourcing of goods, materials, and services. Furthermore, outsourcing of non-core functions in retail, e-commerce and CPG companies is always on the table for discussion. Solvoyo’s analytics toolkit and highly flexible optimization engine will allow you to build a quantitative basis for strategic sourcing decisions. Examples:

  • Make or buy
  • Strategically select suppliers across the globe
  • Allocate long-term purchases among suppliers to minimize risk
  • Outsource/insource distribution infrastructure to 3PL
  • Outsource/insource fulfillment and/or transportation to 3PL
  • Outsource/insource manufacturing

Improved Business Outcomes

Using our Supply Planning platform, our customers experience immediate and measurable business value with us and have typically seen powerful results in 3-6 months.

  • Profitability
  • Gross Margin Return on Inventory (GMROI)
  • On-time in-full receipts from Suppliers (Supplier performance)
  • Zero stock and backorder instances (Supply Plan Effectiveness)
  • Purchase Order Cycle Time
  • Planner efficiency
Inventory Reduction
On-Time Fulfillment & Availability Increase

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