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Production Planning

Whether make-to-order or make-to-stock or process-heavy or pure assembly, Solvoyo will help you optimize production plans in different time horizons, and enable you to synchronize demand, inventory, production and material plans.


Production Planning aims to use the available capacity optimally to build the right product mix, at the right quantity, at the right time and at the right cost. Depending on different time horizons and scope, the industry uses varying names for the production planning activity: Long-Run Capacity Planning, Rough-Cut Capacity Planning, Master Production Plan, Production Schedule, DDMRP…

What Can You Achieve With Solvoyo's Production Planning Solution?

1. Plan production at different levels of detail for multiple time horizons

As the timeframe gets shorter, the production plans need to be detailed, but with fewer options to change the production constraints. As an example, the daily production schedule for a CPG company has to be specific to a line with all of its resources and materials assigned. On the other hand, longer-term production plans can be less detailed and the production constraints can be modified at a cost. As an example, a rough-cut plan that is 6 to 18 months out for a CPG company will have more flexibility in modifying the skilled resource pool or adding line capacity or authorizing overtime. Solvoyo platform provides a full-scope capability to plan production at all levels of aggregation or detail, including LRCP, RCCP, DDMRP, and detailed production scheduling. Furthermore, long- and mid-term production plans can be immediately reconciled with detailed plans on the same platform.

“We are operating in a highly competitive industry. Even in day-to-day operations, we see rapid changes in demand and when the inventory is short, we adjust our production plans accordingly. This adjustment requires a lot of manual work and incorporation of many constraints, hence causing suboptimal plans and inefficiencies on the production site. With Solvoyo’s optimized plans and user-friendly UIs, not only we make easy and smart decisions but also respond to any rapid change at the speed of the market.”

Supply Planner
Fortune 100 Consumer Products Company

2. Perform what-if analyses to evaluate capacity modification options

Usually, production capacity constraints include:

  • Line availability
  • Equipment capacity
  • Component and material availability
  • Shift availability, including shift calendar 
  • Critical skills
  • Labor rules, including overtime
  • Financial constraints on investment 

Are your production operations process-heavy or assembly or a mix? Whatever is the case, Solvoyo platform allows you to plan even the most complex production operations. Furthermore, you have the ability to perform what-if analyses with these constraints, enabling the planner to create, store, recall and compare scenarios. Whether presenting investment options to the executive management, or supporting an S&OP or IBP process, or deciding on next week’s Master Production Schedule, our clients find the ability to compare scenarios easily on one platform and quantify the trade-offs extremely valuable. 

3. DDMRP: Synchronize demand, inventory, production, and MRP together

The classical approach de-couples demand planning, inventory optimization, production planning and MRP. Solvoyo’s DDMRP solution is the integrated and automated way of coupling all these, enabling you to sense and react to changes in demand at the speed of business. With Solvoyo’s DDMRP solution, you can finally start taking prescriptive actions against both predictable (opening/closing plants, seasonality, promotion) and unpredictable (sudden changes in demand, breakdowns in production resources) events. All the fire-fighting, sudden shifts in priorities and acts of desperation are now in the rearview mirror. You will have a provably better overall performance and fewer incidents that require heroic response.

4. Track production plan compliance, diagnose the root cause of the gaps and improve

Solvoyo’s exception-based analysis tools track how production requirements change over time and the diagnostic tools provide insights into any misalignment between the production schedule and the material requirements. By keeping track of actions from the rough-cut plan to the detailed schedule, Solvoyo platform keeps sufficient detail to identify critical decision points and to enrich our AI/ML algorithms for better performance over time.

Improved Business Outcomes

Using our Production Planning platform, our customers experience immediate and measurable business value with us and have typically seen powerful results in 3-6 months.

  • Safety stocks can be input or calculated optimally based on system-level operating parameters, e.g., service levels, production variability, supply variability, lead-times, order frequency etc.
  • Production and resource calendars are defined via detailed time patterns, including planned shutdowns, holidays and seasonal variations
  • Forecasts can be given or generated via best fit algorithm, and are open to collaboration across internal/external parties
Inventory Reduction
On-Time Fulfillment & Availability Increase

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