E-Commerce Inventory Management

Automate your inventory management with Solvoyo’s advanced analytics and AI/ML technology. Solvoyo E-commerce Inventory Management solution offers automated diagnostics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive actions to ensure smart purchasing decisions. Our cloud-based, easy-to-deploy, and scalable platform improves planner efficiency and inventory availability so you can focus on strategic decisions and grow your business.

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Improve planner efficiency and inventory availability

Rapid growth is commonly associated with e-commerce. However, fast and commercially viable growth requires a scalable platform and the mastery of the supply chain. Solvoyo Inventory Management platform integrates Forecasting, Inventory Optimization, and Purchase Order Creation processes using demand-driven AI/ML-powered models. The model works with internal and external replenishment parameters and recommends optimal PO quantities that are ready to execute.

Solvoyo Cognitive Learning platform considers several different demand drivers such as WEB Analytics, marketplace signals, competitors’ pricing, special events, promotions and operational constraints, and business rules. Portfolio Analysis capability helps to decide which items should be kept in stock or be delisted. Real-time data integration with ERP allows automatic PO creation and triggers an internal financial approval workflow. The platform also offers a Vendor Collaboration solution for automating Purchase Order sharing and status monitoring.


What can you achieve with Solvoyo E-Commerce Inventory Management Solution?

Demand-driven replenishment working with internal and external factors influencing future demand
Constraints-led total cost optimization of inbound flows (e.g., packs, pallets, etc.)
Actionable Purchase Order recommendations to minimize the risk of stock-outs

Combining analysis, planning, and execution capabilities on the same platform
Digital transformation of merchandising and planning processes
Automated diagnostics for exception management

Highly scalable and adaptable for business growth, supporting new categories, new channels, and new countries
Cloud-native single planning platform with agile technology enabling easy configuration
Easy integration with existing internal and external systems and data sources

improve availability

Improve Availability


Reduce Inventory Costs

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AI & ML in Retail

Using AI & ML in Retail Supply Chain Planning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are hot topics being discussed in the retail world. Across the globe, whether they are grocery, mass merchant, or fashion, retailers are looking for ways to make faster and smarter decisions using this technology. Among the leading applications of AI & ML in planning are forecasting and replenishment processes.

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Digital Transformation for Shopify Vendor

Premium Leather Goods E-Tailer
Bonaventura started their digital transformation of end-to-end Pre-Season Planning with Solvoyo. Bonaventura sells its premium products on 5 different sales channels, including Shopify, Amazon and Rakuten

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Easily identify SKUs that need immediate action with all relevant information on the same screen

Easily identify SKUs that need immediate action with all relevant information on the same screen

Through AI/ML capabilities, demand forecast is automatically adjusted to changing lead times, and safety stocks 

Detect Adapt Optimize

Automated PO recommendations maximizing availability and preventing excess stock

Through AI/ML capabilities, demand forecast is automatically adjusted to changing lead times, and safety stocks are dynamically adjusted

Automated PO recommendations maximizing availability and preventing excess stock

Solvoyo E-Commerce Inventory Management UI

Forecast Event Breakdown​

Forecast event breakdown

Estimate the effect of your demand drivers to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff
‍Accurately forecasting future demand at a very granular level – per SKU, per day, per location

PO creation

Planners review and approve SKU/Store recommendations as needed
‍Exception management configured based on rules defined by each business, allows them to focus on the items that need attention

E-Commerce Inventory Management Solution
Our Dashboards​

Our dashboards

Monitor the financial and commercial KPIs

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Advanced Retail Analytics

AI/ML Predictive Models​

AI Predictive Models

Smart Forecasts working with internal and external demand drivers such as special days, competitor factors, site visits, and click rates

Adaptive models adjusting to new trends, promotion effects, and marketing activities

Learning from similar items for managing new SKU introductions

Multi-Objective Optimization​

Multi-Objective Optimization

Demand-driven inventory optimization of competing goals, balancing inventory cost and risk of lost sales

Purchase order automation working with vendor lead times, packaging, and minimum order quantities

Real-time integration with ERP for automated PO creation with vendor constraints

Agility & Scalability​

Agility & Scalability

Highly scalable to support business growth

Automated diagnostics and prescriptive analytics to manage millions of SKUs in the portfolio

Exception management
improving planner efficiency