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The Story of Autonomous Supply Chains

After participating directly in the rise of best-of-breed supply chain planning solutions, Solvoyo founder, Koray Dogan, realized that the old siloed view of the supply chain wasn’t working. The departmental decisions were disconnected and oftentimes worked against each other. Every new planning software created the need for another tool to address what it could not. And since every department used its own planning module, getting a definitive answer at the high level was slow and cumbersome.

So, he started Solvoyo in 2005 to build a better way to satisfy customers’ desires: a truly end to end, intelligent, and autonomous supply chain planning platform that would become the only platform customers would ever need. 

Powered by a proprietary mathematical optimization engine, the Solvoyo Platform optimizes your total cost to serve versus service, generates a plan considering all your constraints concurrently, and provides an interactive heuristic-based exception resolution with a flexible UI for the planners as an option to polish up the plans.

The smart analytics and self-learning algorithms create insights and feedback for continuous improvement of both customer’s operations and user acceptance rates. The platform automates end to end supply chain decisions with little to no human touch, so you can focus on what machines can’t (yet.)


The People Building the Solvoyo Digital Platform

Koray Dogan –
CEO/Founder/Chief Architect

Koray has more than 15 years of experience at leading software and consulting companies, exposing him to a wide variety of solutions to solve the most complex business problems in global supply chain management.

Nilufer Durak –
Chief Operating Officer

Nil brings 18 years of corporate experience in process improvement & customer success before joining Solvoyo in 2013. With deep expertise in global project management, Nil is best known for getting things done.

Omer Bakkalbasi –
Chief Innovation Officer

Omer is a seasoned supply chain professional with more than 20 years of experience in supply chain management, emphasizing business analytics and fact-based decision making and delivering high-quality software and consulting services.

Asena Yosun Denizeri –
Vice President, Retail Solutions

Asena is the Head of Retail solutions at Solvoyo and has over 20 years of experience in implementing Planning, Pricing, and Optimization solutions in global companies in the U.S. and Europe.

Peter F. Weis –
Strategic Advisor

Peter F. Weis is an experienced leader and advisor in cloud transformation and global supply chain management, whose track record spans both start-ups and Fortune 500 enterprises.

Erol Beynam –
Vice President, Software Engineering

Erol acquired nearly 20 years of experience on a variety of US Government projects such as Military Logistics Systems, Transit Visibility, AIT, RFID and Supply Chain Management systems, COTS integration, and custom software development for governmental agencies.

Gizem Atla –
Co-Lead, Customer Success

A former customer of Solvoyo’s, Gizem has more than 10 years of experience running supply chain teams at Food CPG manufacturers. She now brings her expertise to retail and CPG clients with an E2E vision for the entire value chain.

Emre Haliloglu –
Co-Lead, Customer Success

Emre brings more than 8 years of experience implementing planning, pricing, and optimization solutions for retail companies to successfully grow their business globally.

Ronny Gottschlich –
Strategic Advisor

Ronny is a seasoned Chief Executive with international track record in the Retail and Technology space. He has led huge workforces, managed multi $bn P&Ls, and rapidly expanded novel retail concepts internationally. Ronny now advises retailers and adjacent businesses in board positions.

Emre Darici –
Director, Customer Success

Emre brings more than 20 years experience in management consulting, information technologies management, software design and implementation, operations management, strategy development, and innovation.

Yasin Turker – Senior Director, Head of Product Management

Yasin has 25+ years of experience in operations and logistic planning in the Turkish Navy and NATO. He holds a Ph.D. degree from Boğaziçi University and MSc from US Naval Postgraduate School in industrial engineering and specializes in digital transformation and risk management.

Felipe Gonzalez – Strategic Advisor

Felipe is a forward-thinking Technologist boasting over three decades of mastery in bridging the retail sector with the frontier of emerging technologies. With a dual lens on the aspirations of startups seeking scalability and the innovation-driven ethos of retailers, Felipe crafts win-win partnerships, offering unparalleled strategic insights.


We built a better way to satisfy what customers desired fully:



With the challenges of integration not only with execution systems but with other planning systems rising exponentially, companies ideally sought a singular solution to address all of their supply chain planning needs, yet were settling for inefficient and often ineffective answers.

Demand Planning​


For those companies trying to achieve a supply chain proficiency, they struggled mightily to establish this over time as the resources necessary for running the systems had to be so specialized to understand and explain the results to the rest of the organization.



For those companies that had successfully achieved a supply chain proficiency, they often had to invest significantly more resources (people and financial) than others could afford to invest

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Solvoyo Differentiators

Keep your competitive edge with next generation
planning and analytics capabilities

Aligning Decisions Across Functions

Aligning Decisions across Functions

Missing opportunities due to siloed planning? With Solvoyo, achieve multiple goals simultaneously such as reducing working capital and transportation costs while improving fulfillment rates all at the same time
Agility And Scalability

Agility and Scalability

Is your planning system not keeping up with the changes in your business environment? We strive to evolve and adapt to your realities. The platform will expand to your needs, both in terms of workflows and hardware requirements
Supply Chain Automation

Supply Chain Automation

Looking to streamline and speed up the process of planning and execution? We convert complex decisions into simple ones and automate your daily operational decisions
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Single Version Of Truth

Single Version of Truth

Slowed down by inconsistent data and disconnected systems? The single data model means easier, flexible, and secure integration of your data. Reduce processing time and operating costs. With Solvoyo, develop your supply chain strategy and execute it on the same platform. All your data and planning system of records are integrated
Adaptive Algorithms

Adaptive Algorithms

Finding yourself constantly having to tweak the models? With Solvoyo, utilize advanced analytics and machine learning to make your forecasting and inventory optimization models robust and adaptive

User Adoption Tracking

User Adoption Tracking

Solvoyo’s solution is a living platform that monitors the way users are interacting with diagnostics and recommendations

Cloud Based SaaS

Cloud Based SaaS

Concerned about IT resources and hardware costs? Solvoyo’s scalable cloud infrastructure is offered as a SaaS platform. Hardware, software, maintenance, and support costs are all included in a single monthly fee

Flexible, Configurable UI

Flexible, Configurable UI

Having difficulty using your planning platform? Make life easier for your planners so they can take faster actions. Solvoyo’s configurable UI combines user-friendly dashboards, diagnostic alerts, and operational screens in simple workflows