Vendor Collaboration

For seamless and automated vendor/supplier management, Solvoyo’s Vendor Collaboration offers cloud-based supplier scorecard and demand collaboration tools to improve supply chain alignment and visibility

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Go beyond cost-efficiency

Vendor collaboration is one of the key capabilities for the digital transformation of supply chain planning. To optimize value generation in your business, you need to go beyond cost efficiencies. When retailers and vendors or manufacturers and suppliers take a collaborative approach to planning, they unlock benefits from improved visibility and faster decision-making. Solvoyo platform improves visibility, speed, and productivity for retailers and vendors through end-to-end planning and integration with external systems to achieve a more resilient supply chain.

Automate vendor performance to improve digital collaboration

Solvoyo Vendor Collaboration comes with purchase order tracking and automates vendor performance diagnostics to improve digital collaboration. Real-time visibility of order status provides the ability to respond to changing conditions related to purchase orders quickly. Our AI-powered analytical models recognize the changes in the planning parameters and assumptions such as lead times and OTIF rates, adjust safety stocks, and recommend purchase orders to plan for the supply chain’s realities.


What can you achieve with
Solvoyo Vendor Collaboration Solution?

Standardize order process across all your vendors and manage them on one single platform
Easily identify suppliers that offer unique value-add to your business and the worst-performing ones

Integrated purchase order creation and diagnostic alerts to help you minimize stock-outs and production issues
Lost sales estimation and damaged product analysis to identify areas that need action
A simplified and automated promotion management close coordination with the vendors allocate the budget in the right SKU and the right time

Customized vendor dashboards for real-time KPI tracking, providing you full visibility of historical and future open orders

Analyze lead times and vendor scores to determine your resiliency in response to disruptions and changing customer demand

improve agility​

Improve Agility

on rime fulfillment

On-Time Fulfillment & Availability Increase

Case Studies

Three Musketeers

Vendor Collaboration: How to Thrive in the Face of Volatility

Vendor collaboration is a joint effort that creates a competitive advantage for every stakeholder. It reduces overall costs, errors, and inefficiencies for everyone involved. A collaborative supply chain lets businesses grow together with vendors while improving efficiency and visibility of the supply chain.

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Deviations from plans, late and/or inadequate deliveries

Deviations from plans, late and/or inadequate deliveries

Adjust planning parameters such as lead times to reflect operational realities and automatically adjust safety stocks accordingly

Detect Adapt Optimize

Ensure timely and in full delivery and improve supplier performance

Adjust planning parameters such as lead times to reflect operational realities and automatically adjust safety stocks accordingly

Ensure timely and in full delivery and improve supplier performance

Cross-Enterprise Visibility Made Easy

Vendor Scoreboard

Vendor Scoreboard

Overview of vendor performance with key supplier metrics and details of purchase orders
Comparison of warehouses based on their on-time, in-full delivery statistics
Ability to identify PO problems through diagnostic alerts

Demand Collaboration

Online collaboration allowing real-time updates on open purchase order status
Ability to compare vendors’ performance per product category or DC locations
Configurable UI to digitally integrate systems across both parties to track the status of order information such as confirmed units, confirmed dispatch dates, etc.

Demand Collaboration
Vendor Data Management​

Vendor Data Management

A simplified and automated data management UI enabling smooth product introduction and updates the existing product attributes