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Vendor Collaboration

For a simplified and automated vendor management, Solvoyo’s Vendor Collaboration offers supplier scorecard and demand collaboration tools both for your organization and your vendors.

With a single click, the users can have full visibility of historical and future order details per vendor, per DC or per product group. The cloud-based platform enables to create a transparent supply chain ecosystem with vendors by giving real-time visibility of order status and supplier performance.

Vendor Scorecard

Vendor scorecard provides an overview of vendor performance with key supplier metrics and details of purchase orders. Basic KPIs such as order receipt ratios, OTIF rates and delivery lead time variances can be tracked simultaneously to calculate a vendor score within your supplier network. Machine learning algorithms track each order to help understand if your vendors are performing in line with your supply chain targets or your SLA agreements. Damaged goods, late deliveries or issues with your suppliers are continuously monitored.

Demand Collaboration

Demand collaboration serves as a cooperative platform for the organization and vendors to keep track of purchase order details ensuring process simplification and operational efficiency. The Solvoyo platform provides visibility to Vendor Scorecard KPIs to support alignment across your business and vendors. Vendors can have access to the Solvoyo platform to review and give feedback on POs eliminating noise around communication.

Key features of the vendor collaboration platform include:

  • Customized vendor dashboards for real-time KPI tracking
  • Full visibility of historical and future open orders
  • Ability to compare vendors’ performance per product category or DC locations
  • Machine learning algorithms to evaluate supplier performance by creating a vendor scorecard index
  • Comparison of warehouses based on their on-time in-full delivery statistics
  • Online collaboration allowing real-time updates on open purchase order status
  • Configurable UI to digitally integrate systems across both parties to track the status of order information such as confirmed units, confirmed dispatch dates, etc

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