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Demand Planning

Eliminate silos by not just involving all the stakeholders in the demand planning process, but also empowering them. Create AI-driven actionable insights by combining internal and external data.


Demand Planning is a process supported by tools to forecast demand for its products and services, and to decide on all actions to ensure that the reality matches the estimate. The demand shaping levers include pricing, promotions, markdowns and modifying the portfolio of products, services and customers.

What Can You Achieve With Solvoyo's Demand Planning Solution?

1. Build accurate forecasts

Effective supply chain management starts with a reliable demand planning process. So much depends on your demand forecast that, if you fail to forecast demand accurately, you will end up with excess inventory eating into your cash, or, back orders and lost sales that destroy customer service expectations.  With its advanced machine learning algorithms and AI capabilities, Solvoyo’s Demand Planning platform can help you take your forecast accuracy to the next level.

Demand planning is both art and science. Until Solvoyo entered our lives I think we managed it as too much of an art relying on our individual intuition backed up by the primitive science of 30 versions of the same spreadsheet. Now all that is gone plus I feel we’re finally in a position to make real-time decisions fed by all sorts of data

Demand Planner
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2. Go beyond analyzing internal data: utilize external data

Most of the traditional planning software relies on enterprise data only, usually by creating data lakes and performing descriptive analyses only. 

What about the external data? The external world is full of data too! In fact, complementing your planning process with careful analysis of the external data is what could give your business a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business world. With the help of our vast analytics toolbox, including advanced machine learning algorithms, we drive meaningful insights from external data such as competitor actions, benchmark prices, demographics data, weather and social media. We easily integrate with external data sources such as image recognition tools or social media analytics solutions.

3. Eliminate silos by achieving a seamless cross-functional integration

Demand Forecasting alone is not enough to make the right inventory, production, replenishment or fulfillment decisions. Without a perfect process and data sync across different supply chain functions, it is hard to talk about a perfectly optimized end-to-end supply chain. That’s why your demand planning should be synchronized with other supply chain functions. The power of our Demand Planning capability lies in our ability to bring data, advanced analytics and the supporting processes together on a web-based platform.

The power of our Demand Planning Software lies in our concurrent optimization method, which enables a seamless integration across demand, inventory, production, supply and transportation planning processes.

4. Empower all stakeholders in the demand planning process

The best demand plan is the one that receives input from all stakeholders and empowers them with data & insights to eliminate separate analysis:

  • Sales and marketing which interact with the customer the most.
  • Operations and finance which control supply through procurement or production, inventory investment, and the distribution infrastructure
  • Supply chain which coordinates the planning and execution support for profitable flow of materials from the sources of supply to the end customer. 

By involving everyone in the process and arming them with continuous insights from data such as price elasticity and promotion lifts, we help you create a more realistic demand plan which balances business targets against the customer needs while minimizing risks. All this happens on a single platform with one version of truth!

5. Not only forecast demand, but also manipulate it

It differs by vertical, but most enterprises can manipulate the demand for its products and services through specific actions:

  • Changes in base price
  • Marketing campaigns and promotions
  • Changes in target service levels and fulfillment priorities
  • Changes in product, service and/or customer portfolio

Solvoyo offers a comprehensive planning and analytics platform to maintain your campaigns, calculate the residual effect of your promotions, optimize your markdown decisions, apply tactical changes in planning parameters, measure your demand planning KPIs such as accuracy and bias through time, build a digital corporate memory of demand plans and incorporate the learnings into our ML algorithms to improve your next demand plan.

Improved Business Outcomes

Using our Demand Planning platform, our customers experience immediate and measurable business value with us and have typically seen powerful results in 3-6 months.

  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Empower all the stakeholders in the process
  • Estimate the effect of your demand drivers to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff
  • Invest your marketing and promotion budget on actions that maximize profit
  • Leverage external data for both demand manipulation and marketing actions
Inventory Reduction
On-Time Fulfillment & Availability Increase

4 Step End-to-End Analytics Journey

Solvoyo combines the best of supply chain planning and advanced analytics into one integrated platform. It is not a black box but rather a platform to provide views and insights on your end to end supply chain to drive timely and effective demand plans.

Step 1: Descriptive

"What Happened?"

Understanding Historical Performance: Solvoyo platform enables you to view your demand and inventory trends and exceptions in a visual format.

Step 2: Diagnostic

"Why Did It Happen?"

Drilling down to understand root-causes of stock-outs: The platform investigates the possible root causes of the stock issues. It provides a list of chronic understock/overstock products and gives visibility to parameters impacting stock-levels. The platform also analyzes demand drivers including price index, promotions, special days and visualizes the level of impact each driver has in demand. 

Step 3: Predictive

"What Will Happen?"

Using Demand-Drivers for Forecasting Future Demand: Demand-drivers are used for forecast generation. Planned promotions, price changes and special days are taken into account to provide a more accurate view of the demand, minimizing the need for manual forecast adjustment. Solvoyo platform also provides inventory projections and highlights potential stock-out or stock cover issues so you can take proactive actions.

Step 4: Prescriptive

"How Can We Make It Happen?"

Gap closure actions to meet your Demand Plan: Track your sales budget compliance continuously, predict the gap between sales and budget and prescribe specific price reduction actions on specific products from your excess inventory pile.


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Our platform concurrently plans and optimizes orders, inventory, and transportation in a holistic approach that’s far more effective than attempting to optimize each discretely. Solvoyo provides its solutions in one model across strategic, tactical, and operational time horizons.


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