Fortune 100 Global CPG
End-to-End Autonomous Planning & Analytics

6 Months Test & Learn
Results after 6 months of go-live


Data Integration

Real-time Visibility

Cross-functional Visibility

Automated Decision-Making Platform


Low accessibility and inconsistency of data in disconnected sources

Lack of actionable insights

Heavy reliance on Excel-like manual systems

Limited alignment among different supply chain functions


Gathered internal and external data on a single platform

Delivered corporate visibility and clarity for all stakeholders in the supply chain

Executed plans that require low to no-touch planning immediately

Achieved real-time visibility and agility for faster decision-making

Quick impact on business results through test and learn

Horizontal alignment that considers accurate trade-offs for revenue, profit and cost for optimized decisions

Forecast Accuracy Increase

0 %
Transportation Cost Reduction
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Inventory Cost Reduction
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Service Level Increase


Demand Planner <br>Fortune 100 Consumer Products Company

Demand Planner
Fortune 100 Consumer Products Company

"Demand planning is both art and science. Until we collaborated with Solvoyo, we managed our demand planning process as a form of art, relying only on individual intuition backed up by the primitive science of spreadsheets. Now, we are finally in a position to make real-time decisions fed by all sorts of data."