Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics service combines data from multiple internal & external sources, provides automated analysis and diagnostics to drive insights from big data, and support faster decision-making

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Leverage big data with
actionable insights

To compete in today’s highly transparent, competitive, and rapidly changing marketplace, retailers need to focus on price, efficiency, and growth. Retailers leveraging big data with the right analytics can make faster decisions along these dimensions.

In line with Solvoyo’s mission to drive digital transformation and automation for Planning decisions, Retail Analytics integrates data from multiple internal and external sources, drives insights from big data through visualization and diagnostic capabilities, and helps support decision-making faster and easier.

Make better and faster decisions

Our goal is to get you the information you need to make better and faster decisions by breaking the silos in the data sources and bringing you quick insights. There is no more need for spreadsheets, waiting for weekly reports, waiting for meetings to get the latest tactics.

No more spreadsheets

Solvoyo saves the merchants’ and planners’ time by doing all the heavy lifting in data processing and financial calculations to focus on more strategic tasks rather than spending hours across multiple spreadsheets. Real-time integration with ERP systems and automatic reconciliation capabilities bring efficiency into the planning process.


What can you achieve with
Solvoyo Retail Analytics Platform?

Combine structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources to make more informed decisions
One version of the truth across your entire operations
Minimize the need for spreadsheet analysis and manual tasks

Real-time access to end-to-end planning KPIs and data visualization to quickly assess what’s happening in the business
Improve availability and prevent lost sales with intelligent analysis
Manage your inventory levels with diagnostic and predictive alerts

improve planner

Improve Planner Productivity

improve agility​

Improve Agility

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Diagnostic analytics allow users to detect areas where they need to take fast action

Actionable insights support data-driven decision-making

Diagnostic analytics allow users to detect areas where they need 

Actionable insights support data-driven decision-making

Detect Adapt Strategize

Leveraging analytics-driven inputs, such as dynamic lead times, in planning, keep the system recommendations in sync with current operational constraints

Leveraging analytics-driven inputs, such as dynamic lead times, in planning, keep the system recommendations in sync with current operational constraints

Automated Analytics At the Tip of Your Fingers

Visual Market Basket

Visual market basket analysis

Track the impact of promotions on customer purchase patterns through POS data analysis

View images and metrics side by side for products purchased together

Pareto & Sales Frequency analysis

Differentiate how different categories, suppliers, or sales channels contribute to revenue, profitability, and cost

Analysis and visualization of sales frequency of items across channels

Predictive alerts for potential stock-outs

Pareto Sales
Visual Best Seller

Visual best seller - worst seller reports integrated with competitor analysis

Visual reports combining images, and analytical insights Configurable UI includes all the important KPIs such as Revenue, GM, AUR, Sell Through, Full-priceSales, Markdown Sales, Available Stock, Cover, Discount rate, etc.
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Advanced Retail Analytics

Demand-Driven Replenishment​

Best/Worst Sellers Analysis

Visual reports combining images, and analytical insights 

Bestseller report for Fashion Retailers combining product visuals and KPIs

Configurable UI includes all the important KPIs

Demand Planning​

Market Basket Analysis

Analyzes shopping behavior changes during campaigns and promotions

Identifies association between items purchased together and their pattern of occurrence

Tracks the impact of promotions on key KPIs through POS data analysis

Advanced Analytics

Demand Driver Analysis

Advanced analytics for understanding how the impact on demand drivers vary across products

Analyzes the level of impact of special events, promotions, weather events

Price Index /
Price Elasticity Analysis

Analyzes how demand changes based on price actions

Analyzes how price elasticity differs across product categories

Sales & Operations Planning​

Product Classification

Classifies products based on selected metrics to drive more effective strategies for inventory management and promotions planning

Retail Planning​

Stock-out Diagnostics

Automated diagnostics for root causes of stock-outs along the end-to-end supply chain