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Agility in Supply Chain Planning During COVID-19

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2K+ Active SKUs
10K Stores
300+ Vendors
$4.2B Revenue
50 DCs


Early detection of demand shifts at the SKU level to proactively manage supply chain disruptions

Minimization of manual work by implementing automated diagnostics and parameter updates and manage by exception 


Supply chain disruptions and uncertainty paired with limited central planning resources during the pandemic

Changing COVID-19 measures causing shifts in open hours impacted shopper behavior and demand patterns

Demand peaks for certain items increasing the risk of stock-outs and need to take proactive actions with suppliers


Fast adjustment to demand changes, safety stocks updates across 50 DCs, and safety stock increase in the stores in a controlled manner

Automated detection of consumption, replenishment, and purchasing in the face of changing stock needs of stores due to safety stock increases and starting of e-commerce sales

COVID Agility: 6 weeks across April & May, sales went up by 50%, while stock-outs increased only by 3% (due to supply issues) thanks to early detection of high selling SKUs and automated adjustment of safety stocks

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Increase in sales
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Only 3% increase in stock-outs during COVID