COVID-19 Supply Chain Planning Best Practices

Next Generation Supply Chain Planning for Agility & Resilience




Our e-commerce client had full visibility of its current and inbound inventory and our AI/ML-driven platform immediately focused their attention to the demand increase in such categories as cleaning supplies, laptops, kitchenware and books, and allowed them to place additional orders much earlier than competition. Daily automated purchasing recommendations with adaptive learning capabilities allow them to manage by exception and act faster. They also have fast access to stock-outs and slow moving stock. Buyers focus their efforts on strategizing and sourcing while Solvoyo handles inventory optimization.

Fortune 100 CPG

One of our CPG customers benefited from having a live digital twin of their supply chain on the Solvoyo platform which provides instant visibility to real-time data. Our platform continuously monitors real-time demand shifts together with historical demand patterns. This gives the ability to proactively detect significant shifts in the demand patterns of certain product groups, so that our CPG client can make the necessary adjustments in production and inventory plans, before the orders come in. Without a true digital twin, it might take a typical CPG company weeks to detect and act upon such changes.

Fortune 100 CPG​
Mid-Market CPG​

Mid-market CPG

As a war room dashboard, executives can monitor real-time performance by product groups or channels. Based on real-time insights channel or category action plans can be restructured to obtain optimum business results.

COVID-19 Supply Chain Planning Best Practices

As an operational excellence tool, Solvoyo Platform provides an Exceptions & Alerts dashboard to monitor overall supply chain performance and drive appropriate action. In one single screen, service results, upcoming shipment and purchase order plans and inventory status can be reviewed. With drill-down pop-up windows, details can be overviewed and direct links to action pages can be reached with one click.

COVID-19 Supply Chain Planning Best Practices

In such crisis periods, vendors are also starving for future visibility, and your partnership with vendors definitely matters to them. Early communication of changing demand is the key to support your vendors as business partners.You can easily support their need for proactive communication by sharing purchase order plans on Solvoyo platform instead of endless email chains. This screen is updated real time with open POs and purchase order plans generated by Solvoyo optimization engine. Access to a specific screen where they can only reach information on their own products only can be granted to vendors.


Grocery Retailer Mid Market CPG

A convenience store chain with 9000+ stores, is managing a 50%+ sales increase due to the pandemic. The enablers are physical and digital automation at their DCs as well as Solvoyo’s autonomous decision-making platform that manages their forecasting, inventory management, replenishment and purchase orders with machine-learning technology. First DC purchasing orders for 40+ DCs were increased in response to jump in demand and then store safety stocks were increased as additional units were received at the DCs. Automated replenishment adjusted seamlessly. Minimizing empty shelves and chaos in the DCs.

Grocery Retailer Mid Market CPG​
Mid Market CPG​

Mid Market CPG

Solvoyo Platform provides scenario planning capabilities for ever-changing requirements in the time of COVID-19.

For example, there are/will be products with changing demand and priority. One can easily change product segments which are predefined based on shipment history and recalculate safety stock definitions accordingly. Once updated, both production and purchase order plans will be generated using new segment data.

Or, you might need to change nominal lead times according to possible on-site pandemic outbreak situations or capacity plan updates at vendors. Lead times by product or vendor can be updated easily on the platform to reflect the impact on purchase order requirements.




During this period, the pressure on cash-flow management is increasing. With the change in customer preferences, while some products are selling out, others’ demand has slowed down significantly. Solvoyo’s E-commerce customers use Gap Closure solutions which give dynamic price recommendations to take action on SKUs with more than 60 days of supply and to liquidate slow-moving stock by improving sales in these categories.

Fortune 100 CPG

When the demand shifts so rapidly and when it’s difficult to predict daily-changing consumer behavior, holding the right inventory can be tricky for most companies. Solvoyo’s what-if scenario capabilities enable planners to easily detect products with exceptions that, instantly, lead to prescriptive actions in production.
‍Planners are able to detect products with high sales quantity and low variance in forecast or supply lead time, and set safety stock targets by editing service levels and the input metrics.
Daily stream of inventory target and forecast data, also triggers production plans to adjust itself that eventually maximizes availability in the warehouse, distributors and customers.

Fortune 100 CPG​

Most countries all over the world are suggesting their citizens to stay indoors, however most people still rely on CPG companies and their employees. While the number of incidences goes higher, the absenteeism rates are also increasing. With Solvoyo’s optimization-powered engine, planners are able to edit the workforce availability at the manufacturing site and daily production plans & schedules are adjusted accordingly.

COVID-19 Supply Chain Planning Best Practices
Consumer Electronics Manufacturer​

Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

Our platform enables this consumer electronics customer real-time visibility with an executive dashboard for transportation planning KPIs.
LTL and FTL utilization rates, cost per pallet, transportation cost, revenue can be tracked on a month-to-date basis on a single platform as well as comparing with historical averages.

COVID-19 Supply Chain Planning Best Practices

With our multi-stop, multi-modal and multi-objective transportation plans, planners initiate their planning process with the right plan and execute it either fully or with minor edits due to operational exceptions. Even though last-minute changes on the plans might result in higher total-cost-to-serve rates, keeping the record of edits and reason codes help our customer gain visibility and improve our AI-driven platform’s recommendations.


Align your supply chain infrastructure with changing business strategy

Even before this crisis is over, more companies will have to design a resilient and robust supply chain. The leaders must have capabilities to optimize their production and distribution networks for macro adjustments by evaluating many what-if scenarios on that network.

Align Your Supply Chain Infrastructure With Changing Business Strategy​
Supply Chain Network Design​

Supply chain network design

Solvoyo offers you the ability to build a high-fidelity digital twin and answer important questions using a Total Profit model under such objectives as Maximize Profit, Minimize Total Cost, Maximize Service or a combination of these objectives using Goal Programming.


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