Fortune 100 Global CPG
Global S&OP Reconciliation

23K Active SKUs
180 Countries
450 Stores ​
8 Regions
4 Countries​
70% Market Share
8K+ Products​
$7B+ Revenue


Digitize and standardize monthly Global S&OP process that was manual and error-prone

Reduce planner effort across the globe

Retain corporate memory

Aggregate/disaggregate global data

Customize reports and fully visualize global data

Quickly complete what-if analyses on any demand to supply interphase


Excel-based error-prone reconciliation process

No standardization across regions

Non-value-adding long consolidation process

Long-standing process to reconcile supply planning (demand, production, and inventory) across its regions, involving all manufacturing locations



A single digital platform to maintain global demand, inventory, and supply visibility

Consistent & standardized Master Data across 180 countries

Corporate memory in digital platform

Automated reconciliation of data across organizations – No need for Excel!

Process speed to reduce global reconciliation duration to a week

Process efficiency via rapid know-how transfer among regions


Srinivas Reddy<br>Vice President, Global Product Supply

Srinivas Reddy
Vice President, Global Product Supply

"We can see an internally consistent global picture for demand, forecasts, inventory, shipments, cross-supplies, and production with this platform. The platform gives both the regions and the global HQ the ability to maintain corporate memory while identifying plan discrepancies proactively. Along the way, we eliminated spreadsheets from the process and simultaneously increased process speed and planner efficiency across all regions."