Unilever Implements Intelligent DPR for Ice Cream Business​

3 DCs​
5 DCs
8K+ Products​
90 Distributers
300+ SKUs


Unilever, a British multinational consumer goods company, is a global giant in the realm of everyday essentials, spanning over 190 countries and employing a diverse workforce of 127,000 individuals. Its intricate supply chain, meticulously crafted over decades of operation, forms the backbone of its success, ensuring seamless delivery of its renowned brands such as Dove, Ben & Jerry’s, and Lifebuoy to every corner of the globe. With brands used by over 3.4 billion people daily, Unilever’s impact on the global consumer market is undeniable.


Ensure that the right products are shipped to customers at the right time, minimizing delays and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Identify capacity issues in a seasonal business and suggest actions such as timing of over-flow warehouses or increases in shipping/handling capacities.


Error-prone manual processes and chaotic spreadsheets.

Generating SKU-level DRP plans was not possible due to the problem’s complexity. 

Lack of visibility and control across supply chain functions.



  • Leveraged digital transformation and automation to significantly improve planner productivity, reducing manual tasks and freeing up valuable time for strategic planning.
  • Employed flexible integration, modeling, and Configurable UI technologies to seamlessly adapt to evolving business needs and quickly respond to market changes.
  • SKU-level planning enables more precise and informed decision-making.
  • Implemented an end-to-end planning process that integrates seamlessly with other supply chain functions, ensuring a holistic and integrated view of the supply chain.
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing across teams by providing real-time visibility into key supply chain metrics and decision-making processes.


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