At the 2023 Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit in London, Unilever’s Head of Supply Chain, Graham Sommer, presented Unilever’s norm-busting end-to-end decision automation case study titled “How technology makes continuous innovation possible.” The focus was on Unilever’s successful collaboration with Solvoyo. This partnership has enabled Unilever to achieve end-to-end supply chain decision automation with minimal human intervention, setting a new standard in supply chain excellence.

Graham Sommer, Unilever's Head of Supply Chain for NAMETRUB, along with Nilufer Durak, Solvoyo's COO & Head of Customer Success

The presentation showcased Unilever’s transformation journey, emphasizing the adoption of real-time data analytics, machine learning algorithms for precise demand forecasting, and the implementation of end-to-end automation. Unilever has achieved 600 bps service, 500 bps transportation cost, 410 bps inventory improvements with more than a 90% user acceptance rate and 12x faster planning.

Watch the full partnership success story video here.