Multinational Apparel Retailer
Pre-Season Planning

234K Active SKUs
670 Stores
20 DCs in 16 Countries
50+ Marketplaces
50 Countries


Achieve end-to-end integration throughout pre-season planning processes

Increase effectiveness and efficiency in the planning and buying processes

Leverage advanced analytics and store-level  forecasting in assortment planning

Create the ability to track and reconcile top-down plans with bottom-up buying decisions

Achieve collaboration between teams


A heuristic approach in forecasting rather than scientific and data-driven models

Human errors caused by the high usage of chaotic spreadsheets 

Lack of collaboration between teams


Improving planner productivity through End-to-end integration and digital transformation 

Improving real-time collaboration between teams 

Localized assortment planning and size optimization made easy

Extensive alerts and exceptions for proactive action

3x Increase in number of stores & service countries

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User acceptance rate
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Increase in number of stores & service countries