Supply Chain Analytics

Turn your data into profits with advanced supply chain analytics.

By using the Solvoyo Elevation Platform, interconnect various data sources from ERP, SCM, or CRM tools to your sales and marketing, distribution and pricing models while simultaneously incorporating variables unique to your business – from weather forecasts, social media chatter, competitor pricing or tax strategies.

Harness the power of big data analytics to drive insights to make smarter supply chain decisions with a comprehensive view of your complex supply chain.

Key features of the Solvoyo supply chain analytics solution include:

  • Big-data analytic tools that employ sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to aggregate and dissect supply chain data
  • Advanced forecasting tools to generate detailed demand curves and net inventory requirements for individual SKU’s by location
  • Predictive and prescriptive analysis that alerts users on impending stockouts, excess or mis-aligned inventory distribution with a recommended action plan
  • Automate routine replenishment and allocations by using advanced prescriptive analysis that factors in real time data and all your business constraints
  • An exception report based planning environment that frees up and focuses supply chain teams on only the highest priority supply chain decisions
  • Ability to run quick and accurate scenarios and what-if analysis to get answers to complex supply chain questions