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Merchandise Financial Planning

Integrated and flexible way of doing top-down planning, category management and open-to-buy planning.

Merchandise Financial Planning is a key part of the pre-season budgeting process for Retailers where sales targets and inventory needs (OTB – Open to Buy) need to be managed in an integrated fashion.

Solvoyo Merchandise Financial Planning solution brings you an easy, fast and flexible way to create Tops Down Financial Plans and manage Open to Buy (OTB) budgets. With flexible pivot capability, users can choose the level, and the metrics to focus on and adjustments are automatically disaggregated to lower levels of product and location hierarchies. In this solution, users can select baseline period for a baseline data and the solution will create a baseline plan, working with your financial calendar, taking into account seasonality, floating holidays and other factors so you can focus on the strategic aspects of the plan. Users can model new stores and countries or categories after existing ones within seconds and enter adjustments at any level of the merchandise or location hierarchy for the selected time period. Open to Buy plans are integrated into the financial plan as well. This solution comes with configurable dashboard functionality where users can do comparisons across plans, last year and track actual sales as well in a graphical, grid or pivot views.

With Solvoyo Merchandise Financial Planning solution retailers can manage Top Down Planning, Middle-Out Planning, Open to Buy Management and Category Planning in the same platform without having to build links to tie these together. Real time integration and automatic reconciliation capabilities bring efficiency into planning process.

Retailers can manage all of the following processes within the same planning tool:

  • Top Down Financial Plans for same stores
  • Integrated planning across all sales channels
  • Incorporating new sales channels such as countries, franchise partners and stores into the plans
  • Middle-out planning for detailing out categories or locations
  • Creating and managing Open to Buy Plans in by Retail method, Cost method
  • Managing and comparing multiple versions of the plan and view differences among the plans and to last year with ease
  • Tracking actual sales against plans in any format of choice with the ability to drill down along location and product hierarchies with ease
  • Gain visibility to key categories and channels of the business with significant growth
  • Roll-up and reconciliation of top-down and bottom up plans
  • Tracking in-season performance against approved plans

All the solutions you need.
Under one platform.

Our platform concurrently plans and optimizes orders, inventory, and transportation in a holistic approach that’s far more effective than attempting to optimize each discretely. Solvoyo provides its solutions in one model across strategic, tactical, and operational time horizons.

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