Workforce Planning

Solvoyo's Workforce Planning platform continuously monitors store operations processes in strategic, tactical and operational levels to optimally manage your workforce to meet business goals. With the help of advanced big-data analytics, it provides real-time insights and measures performance on a single platform bringing benefits of automation and efficiency to store operations teams.

Solvoyo’s web-based solution provides a fully configurable UI for automated data analysis focusing on end-to-end planning and transparency across entire store operations network. The collaboration among different functions of the organization is easily managed on a single platform.

Key Features for Store Operations

Using Solvoyo's Workforce Planning, current efficiency and productivity of the workforce is analyzed to discover both operational and tactical improvement opportunities and get actionable insights.

Key features of the platform include:

Store Analytics;

  • Capturing full customer journey by footfall per store.
  • Observing general store performance by comparing different business scenarios using metrics such as store attributes, traffic and sales data.
  • Store clustering according to respective similarities to compare cost, revenue or store traffic.
  • Listing stores according to their employee turnover rates.
  • Workforce Optimization;

  • Recommending employee shift schedules in stores according to workload forecasts within a given budget in line with employee skills, labor laws and regulations.
  • Optimally distributing the workforce in stores considering staff availability and real-time traffic data in all departments such as checkout, fitting rooms, shop floor and storage room resulting in better customer service.
  • Graphical representation for weekly regular and overtime working hours for both full-time and part-time employees.
  • Preparing daily time-out schedules for all employees.
  • KPI tracking including employee retention, seniority, sales productivity, average working hours, etc.