Transportation Planning

Solvoyo Elevation Platform creates optimized transportation plans working across multiple modes and equipment options, pickup and delivery time windows, complex tariff structures - including intermodal, and the operational constraints of a fleet and its drivers. With optimal loading, routing and scheduling capabilities the platform reduces inbound and outbound transportation costs while increasing delivery performance.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Multi-day planning capability to create transportation plans a few days in advance based on current and pending orders, future due-ins or even the available-to-promise (ATP) data
  • Create multi-mode transportation plans taking into consideration distribution constraints such as available assets, dock space and worker availability
  • Concurrently plan transportation with orders and replenishment planning to optimize across supply chain silos
  • Asset-based transportation planning capabilities for carriers or for shippers with dedicated fleets, including the ability to minimize deadhead miles and optimize a multi-day pick-up and delivery plan for each asset


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Case Studies
  • Newgistics - Transportation and logistics company rationalize their network to increase capacity while reducing costs
  • US home improvement retailer - Leading retailer concurrently optimizes vendor orders, inbound transportation and logistics
  • Vestel - European consumer electronics manufacturer reduces cost and optimizes daily supply chain and transportation operations