Redefining E-Commerce Transportation Practices

23K Active SKUs
2K+ Active SKUs
450 Stores ​
10K Stores
4 Countries​
300+ Vendors
8K+ Products​
$4.2B Revenue
3 DCs​
50 Regions
solvoyo mobile


Detailed representation of current operations including hourly shift scheduling, route definition, and timing

Peak plans and execution process, reduction of operating costs while improving overall customer satisfaction

Bandwidth to support business development needs while providing continuous insights into more long-term strategic network enhancements 

Contingency plans for unforeseen events like weather delays, unplanned shutdowns, and lane closures


Service degradation during volume peaks

Lack of reliable forecasts and appropriate resource allocation for all related components

Not having the analytical horsepower to support analysis for the continuous improvement of their network

Lack of resources to accurately estimate the cost and capacity requirements to Newgistics network to support prospective customers

solvoyo mobile


Operational, sales, and financial data integrated in a logical and user-friendly interface

Delivery via cloud providing rapid scenario development and tangible results

Decision-making of day-to-day operations and ongoing/long-term scheduling

Detailed network optimization and planning application

Standard and peak efficiency requirements, with sensitivity to retailer service requirements

Concurrent optimization of costs related to distribution center terminals location and capacities, transportation, delivery, lane additions/management, and shift utilization

Customer satisfaction based on five and ten-year growth projections