Strategic Network Design

Solvoyo's Elevation Platform allows you to optimally align supply chain assets to the anticipated market trends, whether that involves rationalizing your current production-distribution network, expanding into news sales territories, deciding on the location and the form of your network inventory or evaluating new sourcing options with strategic network design.

With Solvoyo, you maintain your network parameters as well as actual daily operational information in the same platform. By running strategic network design analysis, as well as tactical and operational supply chain plans from one platform you are able to set the strategy and then execute that strategy– a unique capability Solvoyo offers.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Unmatched scenario management capabilities: M&A, growth by channel and geography, profitability analysis, carbon footprint modeling, sensitivity analyses for planning parameters
  • Ability to build true end-to-end supply chain strategy model with customer buying behavior, multi-echelon inventory optimization, returns, transportation and service level requirements by SKU
  • Scale to solve large, complex optimization and planning problems on-demand
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