Markdown Optimization

Automate your markdown pricing and timing decisions with Solvoyo’s advanced Markdown Optimization and Planning solution, offered as a cloud-based Software as a Service, and make your pricing process easy to manage and flexible to accommodate different business goals.

Solvoyo’s fast and flexible solution is built on analytical models with the following capabilities:

  • Forecast retail sales for each and every product even for those with limited history
  • Dynamically evolve and learn from recent sales trends for fast fashion products
  • Recommend best timing and depth of markdowns taking into account each product’s shelf-life, stock levels, current pricing, lifecycle and seasonality trends
  • Recommend markdown strategy for short life-cycle products by channel, region, country, store grouping or even by specific location
  • Determine optimal exit pricing for different business scenarios: maximize profit, maximize sellthrough or a combination of these
  • Support real-time what-if analysis with user inputs on markdown pricing
  • Summarize results and scenarios at any level of the merchandise hierarchy to facilitate fast-decision making
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