Studenac Marketing, the leading retailer in Croatia, will present its decision automation journey along with Solvoyo at Automation Summit 2024, taking place from April 25 to 26 at the Le Meridien Lav Hotel in Split. This event will bring together around 200 leading CEOs, industry experts, and global visionaries.

Along with Nilufer Durak, Solvoyo COO, on the stage, Katarina Gudelj, Studenac Head of business optimization and PMO, will join the stage to present their success with decision automation with the Solvoyo platform in a session called “Elevating Retail: Studenac Market’s Decision Automation Journey.” In this session, you will discover how Studenac optimized stock, increased product availability, and decreased out-of-stock by automating the supply planning process and eliminating human error.

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