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Digital Transformation for End-to-End Supply Chain Planning Automation

23K Active SKUs
Seasonal Products
450 Stores ​
8K+ Products​
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4 Countries​

Studenac Market

One of the top national chains with the largest sales network in Croatia, Studenac Market currently operates more than a thousand stores. It is the leading retail chain on the Adriatic Coast, selling various seasonal and non-seasonal products. A significant portion of their stores are seasonal, making effective inventory planning and optimization a critical part of their business.



Transform manual supply chain planning processes and create an automated and unified digital platform with a single source of truth

Optimize demand and supply at the store / SKU level to address the local nuances while managing purchasing from hundreds of suppliers

Minimize operating costs across the supply chain while simultaneously improving availability


Non-standardized technology backbone with data gaps in master & operational databases

Need for a fast implementation to transform planning processes across multiple DCs and 1,000+ stores 

Complex supply network, including deliveries from DCs as well as direct shipments to stores–planned and executed manually by store managers 

Seasonal demand, with some regions experiencing 3-5X sales during certain seasons

A diverse portfolio of 14,000+ seasonal and non-seasonal products



Integrated and customized the platform for the Studenac Market’s unique needs with built-in configurable and modular capabilities

Increased efficiency and reduced human dependency by automating planning decisions 

Automated replenishment model capable of managing a portfolio of both seasonal and non-seasonal products and stores

Minimized complexity by enhancing data quality, building an intelligent backbone, and a single source of truth as the foundation for decision automation

Improved visibility and traceability of supply chain operations with tracking of business KPIs

40 Million 
Data Lines Processed Daily From Multiple Data Sources

6 Million 
Daily Automated Decision Recommendations