The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new supply chain challenges to both the Grocery and Q-commerce industries, as social distancing and lockdowns have changed consumer shopping behavior. Retailers started to face greater complexity and a growing demand for fast delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables to customers’ homes. To manage this complexity effectively, retailers in both industries are turning to supply chain planning platforms like Solvoyo, which can help them optimize their inventory levels, logistics operations, and last-mile delivery.

In the Grocery industry, the rise of e-commerce and home delivery has made supply chain planning platforms essential tools for retailers looking to cater to changing customer needs and deliver a seamless customer experience at an affordable price. For example, one of Solvoyo’s grocery retail customers was able to reduce their stockouts by 50% and inventory by 18% after implementing the Solvoyo platform.

With Q-commerce, retailers are under even greater pressure to provide fast and reliable delivery of fresh produce and other perishable items. By leveraging advanced technology and innovative solutions, retailers can gain visibility into their supply chain, accurately forecast demand, and optimize their inventory levels, logistics, and delivery operations. For example, another Solvoyo customer in the Q-commerce industry was able to complete the digital transformation of end-to-end supply chain planning infrastructure in 9 countries simultaneously within 3 months.

Supply chain planning platforms like Solvoyo are critical for both Grocery and Q-commerce retailers looking to navigate the new complexities of their industries and meet the demands of an evolving market. By embracing these platforms, retailers can gain a competitive edge in a challenging and rapidly changing environment.

As Solvoyo, we continue to receive positive feedback from the market. In addition to helping our customers achieve impressive results like the ones mentioned above, we have been recognized as the best end-to-end supply chain planning and analytics software by industry thought leader, Brittain Ladd