5 April 2016

5 Key Supply Chain Technology Recommendations from Leading Industry Experts

For the supply chain manager today, there are no dearth of online resources and expertise to guide them. From advisories by corporate biggies like Gartner or […]
16 February 2016

Zen and the Art of S&OP Implementation

That Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a critical business process is no longer in doubt. Today, surveys after surveys indicate the rising adoption of S&OP across […]
5 January 2016

Looking forward to 2016 in Supply Chain Planning

This post is an extract from a letter sent by Koray to all of Solvoyo’s customers and supporters in late 2015. As we all reflect on […]
8 June 2015

2 Simple Questions to Help Identify Your Most Critical Supply Chain Inefficiencies

Every professional responsible for his or her company’s supply chain planning and execution probably realizes that there are a number of inefficiencies in his or her […]
23 December 2014

Wayne’s wORld: Omni-channel Fulfillment — Dynamic vs. Distributed

In my quest to get to the bottom of the omni-channel conundrum without “boiling the ocean,” I have stumbled over some fundamental claims that challenge the […]
27 October 2014

Wayne’s wORld: New Horizons – Closed Loop Operational Management

The hottest topic in supply chain circles (at least the circles I hang out in) continues to be omni-channel fulfillment. From big box retailers to department […]