Purchase Order Management

Whether it is managing daily procurement operations in an efficient way or replenishing stores to optimize the right inventory mix, Solvoyo Purchase Order Management allows organizations to automate Purchase Order creation process and handle Purchase Order exceptions.

Solvoyo recommendations is extremely high due to its ability to codify all the intricacies and complexities of your supplier base - down to an individual SKU level - as well as its ability to modify SKU planning parameters using adaptive learning algorithms. By directly linking up the platform to your order management systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or other brands), Solvoyo can trigger PO creation from your web interface, closing the loop for complete automation.

Purchasing raw materials for your production lines or ensuring shelf availability for your retail network across regions is easy and automated. The Purchase Order life-cycle is visible online real-time, allowing to focus your efforts on managing exceptions.

Solvoyo Purchase Order Management helps

  • Create and consolidate PO recommendations by modeling all supplier constraints including lead-times, minimum order quantities, incremental lot sizes, maximum
  • invoice limits, credit checks and other procurement rules
  • Specify triggers for automated PO review, exception management, and automated decision filters
  • Predicts an inventory profile and run-out days considering historical sales, inventory and fulfillment rates
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