Optimally replenish your stores and/or distribution centers (DCs) in a demand driven mode, balancing inventory holding, service level, production and transportation costs. The Solvoyo Elevation Platform continually aligns inventory and product availability to expected sales as efficiently as possible to meet your evolving business objectives.

With the Solvoyo Elevation Platform you replicate all the intricacies and complexities of your supply chain network to get replenishment plans that are actionable - down to an individual SKU level for an individual store or stocking location. By directly linking up the platform to your database sources: ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or other), SQL server, or any other ODBC you even automate your replenishment planning process.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Enhanced forecasting capabilities covering product life cycles, seasonality, and promotions
  • Configure the importance of specific products, geographies/segments, customers, suppliers, and orders to reflect business realities
  • Model all business constraints including supplier lead-times, minimums / maximums and other procurement rules
  • Specify triggers for review, exception management, and decision making


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Case Studies

  • A101 - Fast growing hard discount retailer automates and optimizes supply chain planning
  • DeFactoInternational fast fashion retailer leverages the power of big data analytics to get supply chain results
  • Sok Markets - Turkey's largest retail chain increases on shelf availability while reducing inventory days

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