We are so excited to be recognized in Forbes for our platform’s capabilities and achieving exceptional results for an e-commerce clients of ours. 

Using MEIO, the company has achieved 95% in stock for the SKUs being managed by the platform. This includes the great majority of the items they stock, as we as some of the high velocity SKUs offered by their partners.

But improvement in their in-stock position has not come at the expense of high inventory levels. They improved their inventory turns by roughly 35%. In cases where Solvoyo is used to manage replenishment and procurement, 95% of the time it has led to improved cash flow based on having the right inventory at the right location at the right time. This has allowed the company to improve cash flow by 35-40%.

– Forbes, Steve Banker

You can read the full story on Forbes.



Forbes, Ecommerce Retailer Reaps Large Rewards Following Supply Chain Planning Implementation, Steve Banker, January 9, 2021