We are thrilled to see that A101, a long Solvoyo client and the fifth-fastest growing retailer in the world, has been featured on Forbes! This recognition is a testament to the great partnership between Solvoyo and A101. We are proud to have our efforts recognized by such a respected publication.

“Solvoyo is an end-to-end planning solution. It does not just generate replenishment at the store level, it understands the cumulative demand regional stores are placing on a warehouse and also generates warehouse-level replenishment orders to the suppliers.”

Director of Sales Operations & Supply Chain, A101

You can read the full story on Forbes and watch our interview with A101’s Director of Sales Operations and Supply Chain, Erkan Ceritoglu, and Steve Banker, Vice President of Supply Chain Services at ARC Advisory Group.


Forbes, World’s Fifth Fastest Growing Retailer Automates Planning, Steve Banker, January 25, 2021