Rapid Grocery Delivery Startup
End-to-End Supply Chain Planning

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Dataman Q-Commerce


Optimize the supply chain so that it can build and deliver goods on time, in full, with lower total costs and increased profit

Maintain superb customer experience and support fast-growth

Automate cross-dock operations


Balancing between lost sales vs. waste for fresh products

Continuous need for manual adjustment of forecasts and stock targets due to frequent promotions

High seasonality and sharp demand fluctuations increasing the complexity of planning

Complex planning parameters that are impossible to edit manually

Dataman Q-Commerce


End-to-end integrated dark store replenishment and purchase order planning

Digital transformation of manual processes supporting collaboration and visibility for fast growth

Product segmentation by dark store to enable localized service level management

Automated stock-out adjustment to improve forecast accuracy and replenishment decisions

Automated data diagnostics to improve master data quality

Cross-dock allocation working with real-time sales and inventory status to minimize stock-out risks and lost sales

Automated planning parameter management (Source Location, Lead Time, Minimum Order Quantity, Order Day) ​​with ML considering operational realities

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User Acceptance for Dark Store Replenishment within 1 Month of Going Live