Global Automotive Manufacturer
Strategic Network Design for Aftermarket Parts & Accessories

23K Active SKUs
18 DCs across Europe
450 Stores ​
16,000+ Dealers
4 Countries​
1,700+ Suppliers
8K+ Products​
400,000+ Aftermarket Parts & Accessories


Create synergy in the supply chain network through infrastructure consolidation, optimized product flow, and common contracts

Identify opportunities to reduce Total Cost to Serve


Regional DCs with overlapping functions

Vast cross-dock network – some owned some contracted

Wrong inventory mix

Regions/countries having separate contracts with the same 3PLs and carriers



An analytics platform to optimize the global spares network using a Total Cost to Serve objective

More than 120 scenarios to refine the customer service strategy and the physical infrastructure to serve that strategy

Short-term savings (4% of Total Cost to Serve, 18M Euros recurring annual) through flow consolidation and optimization

Long-term net savings (7% cumulative, +11M Euros) through opening/closing DCs

€18 M Recurring Annual Savings
€11 M Net Savings from DC Opening/Closing