Demand-Driven Replenishment & Purchasing

Mopas Grocery Retailer
12K Active SKUs
10 Store
1 DC


Digitize and integrate the store replenishment and purchase order planning by leveraging advanced analytics 

Reduce excess stocks and minimize stock-outs through efficient demand-driven replenishment planning


Excessive stock-outs, obsolete inventory, and high wastege for short shelf-life products

No end-to-end tracking and real-time visibility of KPIs

Manual replenishment process responding to store orders 

People dependent DC Purchasing process with limited control over working capital


Digital transformation of manual processes supporting collaboration and visibility

Single Replenishment planner on one platform to take actions, track and report

Automated Diagnostics allowing fast identification of reasons behind stock-outs

End-to-end integrated store replenishment and purchase order planning process

95% of recommendations executed automatically 

14% inventory costs decrease

58% reduction in lost sales 

20% inventory reduction while achieving 40% YoY growth

0 %
Level of automatic recommendations
0 %
Reduction in lost sales