Hard Discount Retailer
Autonomous Demand-Driven Replenishment & Procurement Planning

Şok Hard Discount Retailer
3500 SKUs
2500 Stores
18 DCs


Provide an end-to-end digital planning platform providing analytical capabilities and demand-driven replenishment

Automate and integrate store replenishment process and purchase order planning on the same platform using  intelligent plans with advanced analytics

Reduce excess stocks and minimize stock-outs through efficient demand-driven replenishment planning


Manual replenishment process responding to store orders, not leveraging advanced analytics

Desire to manage profitability while keeping the shelves full  during rapid growth

Managing trade-off between availability and inventory holding costs


38% decrease in stock-outs

13% reduction in stock-days

8% decrease in waste for short shelf-life products

Improvement in planner productivity

0 %
Decrease in stock-outs
0 %
Reduction in stock-days