World’s 5th Fastest-Growing Retailer
Strategic Network Design supporting fast expansion

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23K Active SKUs
2K+ Active SKUs
450 Stores ​
12K+ Stores
4 Countries​
300+ Vendors
8K+ Products​
$4.5B Revenue
3 DCs​
56 DCs


Transform store location selection process into data-driven decision-making

Minimize logistics costs by establishing optimal network design for DC-store mapping

Identify the most cost-effective network structure that supports aggressive growth

Create and maintain a digital modeling platform that can be used with minimum effort to run what-if scenarios on new DC locations and territory assignment decisions


Constantly growing vast network of stores, vendors, and alternative DC locations

Operational challenges like workload balancing across DCs, geographical boundaries, and service requirements

Manual process of determining new warehouse locations while opening 1000+ stores per year

Need for what-if analysis with many scenarios calculating Total Cost to Serve for different planning parameters

Limited resources in the central planning team



Improved planner productivity and quality of decision-making based on advanced analytics

Reduced Total Cost to Serve by 4.7% with optimal DC locations and territory assignments

Reduced average trip distance per shipment from DCs to stores by 42.1%

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Network design instances across 8 years
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