2015 was my first adventure to the NRF big show in the Big Apple.  It was impressive to say the least.  The expo floor “booths” in many cases were more suitable as actual “brick and mortar” establishments except I don’t think masonry is an acceptable construction material.
The buzz on the floor seemed to work around the fringes of valuable analytics for supply chain professionals so my personal position is that the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) Conference is an excellent opportunity to effectively invigorate the Dynamic Fulfillment solution.
Some thoughts I brought back from my occasional strolls around the floor were the rampant use of terms such as elevate, elevation and predictive analytics. Solvoyo has an Elevation Platform, check.  And the more I look into it the more I like the term predictive analytics, check.
I have been talking about the iterative determination of optimal multivariate exponential forecasting parameters (smoothing, trend and seasonality factors) and the world was calling it predictive analytics. Check me if I’m playing hockey but maybe Solvoyo invented predictive analytics while maintaining the mathematical high ground.
In any case, we are absolutely providing advanced solutions for retailers and those who supply the industry with both products and services.
A brief review of the list of RILA attendees indicates metrics such as first time fill rate, on-time delivery, product availability, total landed cost and inventory turns are critical to their success and resultant annual bonuses!
Combine improvements in these measurable areas with an extremely short payback cycle and ongoing improvements using the latest technology on the Cloud and there’s a high probability some executives will be heading back to the ranch armed to hunt bear. And don’t forget when it comes to the retail ranch, bear is always in season!
The competition isn’t getting worse so it makes great sense to differentiate first and aggressively demonstrate the value of being an early adopter of advanced technology. You are more than welcome to request a rapid assessment!
When you fight the good fight with the best weapons available, you can’t help but win. Look for me on the golf course and I will look for you at our booth (#904) nestled in a row with the Cloud alliance.
Good times abound in Orlando!!!