Mid-sized companies face a unique set of competing pressures: the need to keep pace with ever-changing consumer demands, build a scalable foundation for profitable growth, and deploy limited resources – both people and capital – efficiently. 
While there are technology solutions that solve these challenges, most mid-size companies don’t see themselves as having the same access to enterprise level solutions as larger organizations do. As a consequence, they tend to rely on dated or homegrown tools rather than actively exploring how new technology can improve their processes and make their businesses smarter.
So, what’s the answer? A low-risk, cost-effective solution from Solvoyo. Cloud based software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools such as Solvoyo’s Elevation Platform don’t require capital investment (it’s maintained in the cloud and structured in a pay-as-you-go format), minimizing the risk for mid-sized companies.
The Solvoyo supply chain planning platform allows companies to forecast their demand, optimize their inventory investment, plan production, replenish its network effectively, automate purchase order planning, fulfill orders based on client priorities and optimize transportation all in one easy-to-use platform. Not only does this kind of solution allow for smarter supply chain management, but it allows mid-size companies to formalize tribal knowledge hidden in experience and Excel sheets, automate planning, manage the business by exceptions, therefore redeploy valuable resources where they’re most effective in meeting customers’ needs, product innovations, and growing the business.
Sound too good to be true? We have demonstrable success stories and eager references to prove it. Start by reading our Sok Market case study and see how this retailer reduced its total cost to serve, improved service levels, and freed up management time using our solution.
SOK Case Study