Legendary jazz pianist, Thelonius Monk was asked by a fan how jazz seemed to come so easily to him. His response:

Hey, man, simple ain’t easy!

With that statement, Monk first acknowledged that his goal was to make his music sound simple and give an impression that it was a spontaneous artistic expression. It also however is an admission by Monk that he needs to complement his tremendous artistic talent with extremely hard work to reach this level of melodic simplicity.
You may ask, “What does Monk have to do with supply chain planning and Solvoyo?” Supply chains can be much like jazz – a lot of independently performing parts that can either come together beautifully or, when it goes awry, be a complete mess. In supply chain, simple doesn’t mean basic, it means sophisticated yet undeniably elegant, frictionless, and effective.
In supply chains, the complexity grows out of the interactions between demand and supply processes – demand forecasting, inventory target setting, production/procurement, fulfillment and transportation. Each process is complex on its own but the complexity grows exponentially when you consider how each affects the other.
Solvoyo’s Elevation Platform is a lot like Monk’s jazz performances – simple from the users’ perspective because of how well different processes come together in support of a unified supply chain plan, andelegant in the backend wirings of data integration, process definition and algorithmic optimization, andeffective in producing actionable plans.
Our approach to building a simple and elegant supply chain planning platform has taken all we know about the state-of-the-art business processes, operations research, optimization, and emerging software technologies. The “simplicity” of our platform comes from:

1. A single data model

Allows the interaction between the processes to work off the same data model, making sure all functional decisions are made within a unified platform, eliminating conflicts among the related demand, inventory, production/ procurement, fulfillment and transportation plans and ensuring alignment in key performance indicators.

2. Automation and Integration

Enables efficient and effective exchange of data between the ERP and Solvoyo Elevation Platform using standards-based technologies, creates optimized plans, and feeds operational recommendations along with exception lists for immediate review and execution. This level of flexible but tight automation makes life simple for users while taking no shortcuts in quantitative rigor.

3. Blurring the lines between planning and execution

Delivers our underlying philosophy of closed-loop operational planning. No matter how complex or rigid your supply chain operations are, our platform is built to deliver actionable plans that require only the high value-add human interaction. By allowing planners to focus on exceptions rather than the routine, we make execution simple for our users.

4. SaaS, cloud-based format

One predictable monthly bill for everything from server and hosting costs, hardware, license fees, upgrades, and support. Implementations no longer require CAPEX budget and multi-year plans. Our onboarding process runs from mere weeks up to a few months with specific data templates built for industry verticals.

5. One Platform

While our platform can support end to end supply chain planning needs, you only pay for the tools that are actually being utilized to help you run your business better today. It’s the best of both worlds – a natively integrated planning system yet with an incremental deployment capability and a modular cost structure.
No, this level of power, effectiveness and simplicity in supply chain planning software couldn’t possibly have been easy to create. But now that the platform is here – we make it easy for you to experience the simple elegance of planning complex supply chains using the Solvoyo Elevation Platform, and there’s nothing complicated about that! Learn more by downloading our Closed Loop Operational Management whitepaper.