I am studying 10th grade in high school, and I am already confused about choosing my future job. I’m not sure about which engineering discipline to study at university. Luckily, I received an invitation from Solvoyo, a software company offering digital supply chain solutions for companies from different industries. While accepting their invitation, I was sure that I would learn a lot about different engineering functions and observe corresponding departments that they work in Solvoyo. I visited there during the semester break.

My father dropped me off in front of the building to enter and find the office myself. First, I thought this was a strange idea, but after thinking about it for a while, I realized that it could be a test to measure my self-confidence before my visit begins. I went to the security located on the ground floor; I told them why I was there and asked them to show me to the office. They took my ID and gave me a visitor pass for security. I got to the floor where the office was located, and I entered the office. I was a bit excited, but they welcomed me in a way that I wasn’t expecting.

The first step of my visit was meeting with everybody in the office; they told me their names and functions that they work for. After that, an employee took me to a private room to explain all about Solvoyo, how the company was established, what their purpose is, and what they are doing to achieve that purpose. I also learned about the companies with which they work together and what Solvoyo offers them to improve.

The second step was meeting with the computer engineers and observing how they create different algorithms and show them by styled graphical views. I had the chance to chat with a computer engineer in a private room where he told me about his university life and many things about computer engineering. Then I spoke to a graphic designer who explained to me his job for 45 minutes. I really enjoyed our conversation because he clearly answered everything that I was curious about in his area. My visit to that department was over. Seeing people trying to solve problems with coding and math was so exciting for me. I felt like I was in a game where everyone tried to solve a quiz to pass to the next level.

The third step was meeting the industrial engineers at lunch. They told me about their experiences in the university, which gave me a perspective about why I could choose to study in their areas. Then I went to the department where they work on creating and developing the web page. I conversed with an electronics engineer who works as a data scientist about his job definition and tasks. So, my visit was over. It was really helpful to me. I learned about different engineering functions and different job parts. I started to learn how to code thanks to the websites which they recommended to me. Moreover, the employees that I met kept answering all my questions which motivated me to continue learning about coding and developing algorithms.

My opinion about choosing to study an engineering discipline at university was shaped more than I had expected. I will never forget this amazing and helpful visit to Solvoyo. I am very glad to have this opportunity.